"Easy Money" is the second mission of Ace Combat 2. It is a basic interception mission, wherein the player must eliminate a URF reconnaissance unit.


A Unified Command forward base has detected a rebel unit in the Mount Lambert mountain region. As a result of their formation, they believe that it is a reconnaissance unit sent to monitor their actions. Scarface One, the player character, is dispatched to Lambert to intercept and wipe out the URF recon team.


Our forward base reports radar contact with an enemy unit in flight within the mountain region. Their formation indicates that it seems to be a reconnaissance unit sent to investigate our movements. We need you to take care of this dangerous situation.

Target: Enemy E-767 early-vigilante plane unit

In addition to the early-vigilante plane, the escorting fighters are poised to strike. Keep your back covered!





  • Money: 18,000$
  • Unlocks: A-6, Superfly medal (if ace is killed)

Total Credit: 97,000 pts.


  • The pilot Superfly, along with his vibrant livery, are a reference to the 1972 blaxploitation film Super Fly.


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