This mission is called Easy Monkey in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy and Easy Money in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy +. For the original mission from Ace Combat 2, see Easy Money (AC2).
Easy Money is the second campaign mission in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy.


An allied radar station located in the Lambert Mountains detects a rebel aircraft unit, and Phoenix is dispatched to take down the enemy. The Scarface unit is informed of the loss of several allied planes in the region, and is warned of elite fighter squadrons in the region.

Phoenix finds the rebel reconnaissance team and takes it down, destroying an E-767 and its escorts. However, the mission is interrupted when the rebels' Lancer Squadron enters the area, and he takes down the unit in a heated confrontation.


"Now for your briefing. We've received reports from our radar facility in the Lambert Mountains that a Rebel reconnaissance squadron is approaching. They must be planning to track our movements after that last battle. Head for the Lambert Mountains and attack the enemy recon squad. Additionally, numerous Allied aircraft have been shot down in that vicinity over the past few days. We may be dealing with a Rebel Ace squadron out there. Stay sharp."


The mission serves as the tutorial for the basics of Action Maneuvers. Both Attack Maneuver and Escape Maneuver. The player begins behind two F-4Es. The first F-4E will stay on course, but the other one and the rest of the enemies in the game will now actively turn to evade the player. After both aircraft are shot down, two more F-4Es will appear. After the two Phantoms are destroyed, an F-4E and an F-16C will appear far in the front. The F-16C will fire a long range missile at the player to begin the Escape Maneuver tutorial. Behind the two fighters is the target E-767. The ace Cosmic may be found near the E-767 at lower altitude. After the E-767 is shot down, the first phase ends.

The second phase is a battle against the game's first Ace squadron, Lancer Squadron. The squadron consists of four F-14D Super Tomcats. Their strategy is to line up from the distance and charge at the player with missiles and machine gun fire. Shooting down the Squadron Leader (marked with a star) will stop their charge attacks permanently and leave the whole squadron disorganized, making it easier for the player to shoot down the squadron. But it should be noted that Squadron Leaders have more endurance than the squadron members, at least twice compared to the others. After all enemies are shot down, the mission ends.


"Recon and Ace squadrons have both been eliminated. The Lancer Squadron were tough opponents, but you took them out well. Good work, Phoenix. We can safely say we've regained control of the continent's western region. The Allied Forces plans on continuing to take back key military points. We're counting on you for the next battle."

Named Enemies

  • B-2A Cosmic: Flies at low altitude in a ravine near the E-767.


  • In the game, Ulrich Olsen calls the E-767 target a "transporter" in the opening of the mission, and later comments that its loss should "cut off the enemy's supply". It would be unlikely for such an aircraft to be used for transport duties.


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