Second Lieutenant Edgar Saxon, formerly known as Zul, is an agent working for the Alicorn.


At some point, Saxon joined the Alicorn's crew and was assigned the callsign "Zul". Following an accident on November 10, 2016, the crew members aboard the submarine went missing for nearly two years before finally resurfacing on October 9, 2018.[1] Saxon was one of the 330 survivors aboard. He later left the Alicorn alongside 30 other crew members and became agents for the submarine's captain, Matias Torres.[2]

During the Lighthouse War, he contacted Osean Brigadier General Howard Clemens and began providing false intelligence on the Alicorn's operations. The intelligence led to the launches of Operation Sighthound and Operation Domino.[1] This allowed the Alicorn to resupply at Anchorhead following Operation Domino. During Domino's debriefing, Clemens' connection to Saxon was revealed by OIA analyst David North, leading to the General's arrest.[2]


  • Saxon's callsign, Zul, is named after a character from Namco's Valkyrie series.


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