El Dorado is an option for the 14th mission in Ace Combat 2 and the first mission in Operation "A"LPHAVILLE. The alternate selection is Dark Star, which is the 1st mission in Operation "B"ELLISSIMA.


Thanks to your continued success, our forces have been able to advance a little further into enemy territory. As you can be sure, their counterattacks will escalate fiercely. Here, we want to throw the enemy into confusion in order to take the dominant position. To do this, we are going to divide our force in two, and then make simultaneous strikes on the enemy. This mission will be code-named Operation "A"LPHAVILLE, your objective is to destroy the exhaust duct which ventilates the underground silo and the enemy missile silo base itself.

Target: The silo base and exhaust duct

The only way to destroy the heavy protective wall covering the exhaust duct is to fly horizontally at an extremely low altitude and to hit it directly. Remember, keep it low, and good luck!



  • 9 x Silo - $5,000 each.
  • 2 x Ground - $1,000 each.
  • 1 x AA Gun - $1,000 each.


  • 2 x SF-39 - $7,500 each.
  • 4 x Yak-141 - $4,500 each.
  • 2 x R-M01 - $6,750 each.
  • 9 x AA Gun - $1,000 each.
  • 1 x MSSL - $2,000 each.
  • 1 x TND-F3 "Max" - $15,000.
  • 1 x TND-F3 "Goose" - $15,000.


  • Money: $40,000
  • Max and Goose (badge; only if Max and Goose are shot down), YF-23 unlocked.


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