"Hey, it's that firebird insignia! Doesn't matter, I'll take it down!"
Usean Rebel Forces pilot

El Dorado is the nineteenth campaign mission of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy. The player must prevent the Usean Rebel Forces from launching ballistic missiles.


Ulrich Olsen: Stop the enemy from launching the ballistic missiles. Based on the information gathered by Cassiopea, the Rebels are planning a ballistic missile attack on major Usean cities. The location is an underground missile silo at Faith Park Gorge. The facility was believed to be abandoned long ago, but it looks like they've restored it. Our intelligence department has hacked into their network and is trying to shutdown the missile launch program, but chances are slim. We must destroy the aboveground exhaust duct to make the launch physically impossible. The missile silos are scattered deep inside the gorge. Precise handling will be required, so be careful.[1]


The mission's primary targets are the missile silos, a base, and a watch tower. The mission is accomplished when all TGTs are destroyed.

Enemy List[]

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S Rank[]

Complete the mission in 2:00 or less.


Olsen: The enemy missile silos have been shut down. News just came in that the intelligence department managed to terminate the launch program. This guarantees that the missile launch will not be happening. The Rebel Forces are really cornered now. They're starting to get desperate. We must invade Saint Ark as quickly as possible.[1]