Electric Dreams' is a 16th mission in Ace Combat 2 and the alternate 3rd mission in Operation "B"ELLISSIMA. This mission can be unlocked if both B-2s from Dead End are destroyed.


Following our attack on the enemy garrison, we have confirmed the destruction of a communications plane belonging to their elementary particle lab. Your objective this time is to destroy the lab. This will be no easy task as the lab is surrounded by a strong anti-aircraft missile network. According to the data we have received in this emergency situation, the anti-aircraft missile facilities are installed underground, and are indestructible. However, their guidance mechanism is not very reliable, and it is possible to evade them by circling very quickly.

Target: The enemy's elementary particle lab

You will be in constant danger of missile attacks, while you are on this mission. Stay calm, and avoid those missiles!



  • 8 x Ground



  • The name of the mission is a reference to the 1984 comedy film Electric Dreams.


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