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A visualization of the Electrosphere

The Electrosphere is a popular computer network used on the continent of Usea in the beginning of the 21st century. By 2040, numerous high-profile programs and systems made use of the Electrosphere, including Neucom Visual System, ITTC, and, most notably, Data Swallow.


In the 2030s, Yoko Martha Inoue and Abyssal Dision were researching and working on sublimation, a process that would allow for human consciousness to be uploaded to the Electrosphere. Eventually, their efforts were successful, and Dision's consciousness was uploaded to the network. However, around the same time, assassins under General Resource, hoping to conceal the existence of the Darkness of Enigma project, detonated a bomb in Yoko's office and killed her along with the human copy of Dision.

Simon Orestes Cohen, who had some kind of relationship with Yoko, blamed Dision for her death. He sought to erase Dision's consciousness from the Electrosphere (thereby causing his complete death) by creating Nemo, an artificial intelligence that simulated a war within the Electrosphere. No matter what Nemo's decisions were during the simulation, all potential outcomes resulted in Dision's death, sometimes directly within the Electrosphere. Following the success of the program, Simon purged Nemo from the Electrosphere.



  • The Electrosphere serves as a replacement for the Internet, which is also, at its most basic form, a massive computer network.
  • The English word "electrosphere" is an astronomical term which refers to the region around stars that contains free electrons. In this usage, however, the word is a compound of the prefix "electro-" (meaning "electric") and "-sphere" (meaning "realm that supports life", such as biosphere or atmosphere).
    • This implies that the Electrosphere was either named after the potential for supporting conscious life or developed for that very purpose.