The Elite Pack is a pack of downloadable content for Ace Combat Infinity.

Pack Content

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The pack includes the following:

Additionally, the Elite Pack is the only pack that gives players a special icon next to their name in multiplayer lobbies. The icon is the same image as the preview on the PlayStation Store.


This pack consists of items which can be used in 'ACE COMBAT® INFINITY.'

*Contents Of The Elite Pack
Limited Edition 'ACES' Emblem
Stocked Fuel (20 Units)
Elite Mercenary Contract (12 Hours x 4)
Additional Plant Investment Contract (12 Hours x 4)

*This pack does not include the 'ACE COMBAT® INFINITY' game.
*This item can only be purchased one time.


  • On the German PlayStation Store, the description mistakenly listed that it would include 50 units of Stocked Fuel rather than 20.
  • On November 4, 2015, Ace Combat Infinity joined GameStop's "Free to Play" hub[1] and added the Elite Pack to the retailer's website for purchase at a large discount off the price directly through PlayStation Network.


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