"Don't call me an idiot! I'd kill you if you weren't my brother!"
― Scream to Rage[2]

Elke van Dalsen, callsign Scream, was a skilled pilot affiliated with GR Guardian Mercenaries. She was a member of the assassin team Mimic Squadron and flew as a wingman to her younger brother, Otto van Dalsen, as Mimic 2.

Despite her aircraft sporting Osean Air Defense Force roundels, she was openly hostile to Osean forces and engaged them multiple times. She alludes to having violent tendencies through her speech, and was quite impulsive and brash.


Sometime before September 4, 2019, Elke and her brother were hired by Osean Brigadier General Howard Clemens to kill the Osean ace Trigger.

On September 4, 2019, Elke and Otto flew over to Artiglio Port in order to engage the Long Range Strategic Strike Group, who were escorting an Osean Navy fleet attempting to capture the Alicorn. Despite her brother instructing her not to, Elke shot down an Erusean aircraft prior to engaging Trigger. She retreated alongside her brother after the dogfight, but not before impulsively jumping on an Osean radio channel to inform Trigger of her mission to kill him.[2]

During Operation Domino on September 10, 2019, Mimic Squadron once again attacked Strider Squadron, this time as they prepared to withdraw. Striking Lanza's aircraft with stealth missiles, the siblings engaged the 2 remaining Strider aircraft - Trigger and Count. As the dogfight raged, Clemens contacted the Mimic team on an open channel and ordered them to withdraw. Otto refused, telling Clemens it would be a blow to their reputation. Clemens responded by calling the two "goddamned idiots", prompting a verbal threat from Elke. Despite them using stealth missiles and ECM, the siblings were both shot down. In her final moments before her plane exploded, AWACS Long Caster ordered Elke to eject. Elke refused, tearfully telling them that while she knew Otto would go to heaven, that meant she would be all alone waiting for Trigger in hell. Elke's plane then exploded, killing her.[3]


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