Emmeria Independence Radio was a clandestine radio station managed by DJ Zed Waters during the Emmeria-Estovakia War. It began broadcasting at the start of the war, and is assumed to have ceased operations following the war's end.


Waters was working as a popular DJ for a Gracemeria radio station prior to the Estovakian Air Force's surprise attack on the city. After being ousted from his office by the occupying Estovakian force, he started Emmeria Independence Radio, broadcasting from a mobile station named the "Freedom Fighter".

Emmeria Independence Radio helped to boost the morale of Emmerian troops performing counterattack operations in western Anea, and updated Emmerian citizens on the status of the counterattack. Waters also hacked the radio frequencies being used by Estovakian state media to spread anti-Estovakia propaganda, often taunting the Estovakian Broadcaster in the process.[1]