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{{Knights of the Round Table}}
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"Ustio mercenaries, this is going to be fun!"
― 2nd Lieutenant Hillenberand talking during the battle.

First Lieutnent Erich Hillenberand (Schnee One/1) was an Belkan Air Force ace during the Belkan War and the captain of the 4th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Schnee", he was shot down by Galm Team in Area B7R along with his squadron members. After the war, he retired as a pilot instructor and now lives in the Osean Federation.

Erich's squadron consisted of four F-14D Super Tomcats & an EA-6B Prowler used for radar jamming. Like the Rot Squadron, Schnee's F-14D's are capable of using XLAA's for long-range attacks. After inflicting critical damage to enemy forces in the Southern Front (possibly Osean Forces) and wiping out dozens of Ustian aircraft, he and his squadron were always sent to the frontline to fight.


Hillenberand's only goal was to live his life as a regular pilot in the Air Force. He never had any great ambitions, nor was he interested in promotions or awards, earning him of 'Eternal 2nd Lieutenant', despite his skill & experience. He also never liked belonging to a specific group and rarely co-operated with his allies, but they have a complete trust in him during combat.

During Operation Battle-Axe (Mayhem), the Belkan Schnee Squadron were assigned as reinforcements to maintain air superiority over Area B7R, due to heavy Belkan losses. After most of their allies were shot down by Galm Team, Schnee Squadron fought Galm Team, but were defeated. During the battle, Hillenberand was shot down and managed to bail out of his F-14D. Rather than wait for the rescue party to come, Hillenberand went on a three-day journey walking to the nearest air base he could possibly find, because the Round Table had a magnetic field and the rescue team might never rescue him. He hoped to fight Cipher again but that chance never came. After the war, he retired from the Air Force and now works as a pilot instructor at Jackson Hill Airport, North Osea, a former Belkan territory.


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