The Erusean Conservatives were a political faction within Erusea and later an armed faction during the Lighthouse War.


Ideology & Influence

The Conservatives had different ideals compared to their Radicals counterpart. In regards to military might and wars, they believed that clean wars don't exist and there should not be a pursuit of UAV technology to replace fighter pilots. However, the political balance began to shift towards the Radicals as their country began to advance the unmanned technology.

Lighthouse War

The opening attack of the drones onto several military areas in Osea at the beginning of the war produced a remarkable, clean result. This caused the Conservatives to lose its influence again to the Radicals.

At the onset of the war, General Édouard Labarthe, a member of the Erusean Army and the Conservative faction, began secret communications with the Osean Military in the hopes of undoing the Radical's war plans.

After Farbanti fell into Osea's hands, and Usea continent plunged into chaos due to A-SAT attacks simultaneously conducted by both sides, there was a disruption to the balance of power between the Conservatives and the Radicals. The Conservatives then began to actively fight the Radicals for the remainder of the war, as well as Osean forces still present on Erusean Territory.

On October 10, the Conservatives attempted Operation No Return, in which they sent a squadron of bombers to carpet bomb Tyler Island to eradicate any stranded Osean troops and the Radicals, and destroy the mass driver that was used to resupply the remaining Arsenal Bird. The operation was thwarted by LRSSG's Strider Squadron.

In the following weeks, as order and communications restored themselves, the Conservatives instead allied with the Osean forces against the Radicals. This culminated in Operation Daredevil at the end of October, where the coalition engaged Radical forces and the final Arsenal Bird at the International Space Elevator. All Radical forces and the Arsenal Bird were destroyed, but heavy casualties were suffered by the sudden arrival of two ADF-11F Raven, which would upload data to Lighthouse to feed the Radical war machine indefinitely. The following day, November 1st, the Conservatives again teamed up with Osean forces during Operation Hush, which ended the Radical's plans and the war.

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