The Erusean Air and Space Administration (EASA),[1] also known as the Erusean Aeronautics and Space Administration,[2] was an Erusean aerospace agency in the Strangereal universe.


All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the EASA was responsible for the development of the X-02 Wyvern.[3][4]

The organization had a critical role in the events of the Lighthouse War.[5]During the War, EASA was responsible for researching and deploying the UCAVs that were critical to Erusea's early success against the Osean-led IUN coalition. However, as the IUN stood firm, UCAV losses mounted, forcing the EASA to send test pilots into combat in order to collect data that could be used to develop new designs. Mihaly A. Shilage would lead Sol Squadron on these missions, and his skills and lethality caused Osean pilots to dub him "Mister X". 

Unfortunately for Erusea, even the EASA's efforts could not prevent the nation's collapse. When Farbanti fell and global communications collapsed, Erusea's fall was mirrored in the EASA. Sol Squadron deserted to defend the breakaway nations of Shilage and Voslage while radical elements traveled to the International Space Elevator to continue fighting. When a rag-tag group of Oseans escorting refugees sought refuge at the Elevator, they subdued EASA personnel attempting the activate the UCAV factories that Erusea had taken over. Inspired by Rosa Cossette D'Elise, breakaway elements of the EASA moved to assist with the IUN/Erusean efforts to halt UCAV deployments. When the Elevator went back into Osean hands, EASA personnel remained along with the provisional Erusean government to help maintain the Elevator.

Sometime in the 2020s, the EASA suffered repeated financial difficulties, forcing the Erusean government to privatize the agency by issuing government bonds. The agency merged with a major airline corporation to form a joint company: Neucom Incorporated.[6][7][8]



  • The EASA was formerly known as the "Euro-Asia Space Administration" in Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere.[6] The name was likely changed to support the world-building that took place in Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies with the individual countries.
  • The EASA's textually-stylized abbreviation is reminiscent of NASA, the aeronautics and space administration upon which the EASA is likely based off of.
  • The EASA abbreviation is used in real life by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency.