The Erusean Radcials were a political faction within Erusea's political institutions and military in the lead up to the Lighthouse War, and an armed faction during the conflict.


The Erusean Radicals were a militant and aggressive faction of Erusea seeking to re-establish Erusea's power and influence, and held anti-Osean views and opposed the superpower's presence in Usea. During the 2010s, they were responsible for establishing Belkan connections that brought highly advanced drone technology into the Kingdom.

It was the Radicals that pushed for outright conflict with Osea, a position they managed to push on undecided powers in Erusea and even the Erusean Royal Family.

Lighthouse War

For the majority of the war, the drone technology proved remarkably successful. However, an Osea counterattack through the North and a daring operation that neutralized one of Erusea's Arsenal Birds shifted the balance to the point Osean forces could directly attack Farbanti.

Operation Giant's Step killed the King of Erusea and plunged the country into chaos. Erusean Conservatives, a faction that had always opposed the Radicals politically and now wanted to stop the war, began an armed conflict with the Radicals to seize control of Erusea.

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