The Erusean Navy[citation needed] (formerly, the Federal Erusean Navy) is the seafaring branch of the Erusea's military. It was one of the world's most prestigious naval forces, comparable only in size and power to those of the Osean Federation and the Union of Yuktobanian Republics. The Erusean Navy also boasted that its "invincible" Aegir Fleet was untouchable and unsinkable by any form of enemy attack. It was one of the most highly skilled, highly equipped, and highly trained in the region, and for most of the Continental War, the Erusean Navy dominated the waters surrounding the Usean continent.[1]


Continental War

It is unknown to what extent the Federal Erusean Navy was active during the early stages of the war between Erusea and the Independent State Allied Forces. Regardless, the Aegir Fleet's reputation appeared to dissuade the ISAF from confronting the fleet head-on with its own naval forces. However, after attempts to bomb ISAF's GHQ failed, the Aegir Fleet was deployed to spearhead the invasion of North Point and bring about Erusea's total victory. The Aegir Fleet left the Erusean capital, Farbanti, on the west coast and made port at Comberth Harbor sometime before November 7, 2004. Erusean naval command scheduled the fleet to quickly refuel and resupply before making its way up the east coast to North Point.[2]

However, ISAF squadrons interdicted the fleet's resupply convoys[2] and destroyed a petrochemical complex that was the fleet's only fuel source. The Erusean military lost a stockpile of five million barrels of crude oil, and the Aegir vessels were effectively immobilized within Comberth Harbor.[3] Erusea's plans to invade North Point were indefinitely stalled, and the fleet was ordered to await further attempts to rearm and launch.

On November 23, ISAF launched a surprise air raid on Comberth with the goal of sinking the Aegir Fleet while it lay at anchor. The damage and casualties were immense: all of the fleet's major vessels were either irreparably damaged or completely sunk, and the loss of manpower and reserve supplies was an equally costly blow. After the loss of its "invincible" fleet, the FEN lost its grip on the waters around Usea, and the ISAF Navy would begin to take a more active role in future ISAF operations.[4]

When the ISAF attempted to retake Istas Fortress in southern Usea, FEN gunboats patrolled the deep inland waterways around the fortress and defended the facility. Once again, ISAF squadrons inflicted heavy damage of the Erusean forces, and the FEN lost several submarines stationed at the fortress's underground submarine docks.[5]

By September 2005, the ISAF had pushed the Erusean back to their capital, Farbanti , and laid siege to the city. A FEN battleship crew, in an act of desperation, ran the ship aground near Silver Bridge and opened fire on the ISAF tanks that attempted to cross it. To the north, an Erusean destroyer positioned itself near Johnson Memorial Bridge in order to secure the airspace around the Erusean reinforcements' route. One of the remaining Erusean submarines positioned itself between the submerged buildings in Farbanti's flooded municipal district. The Erusean warships attempted to bombard the advancing allied ground units but were ultimately sunk by ISAF fighters during the siege. ISAF would accept Erusea's unconditional surrender later that day.[6]

Operation Katina

In 2006, following Erusea's reestablishment of its government, a number of the Federal Erusean Navy's surviving assets, including an aircraft carrier, joined the militant group known as "Free Erusea" and staged an uprising against the ISAF. Ace pilot Mobius 1 sunk the Free Erusea naval vessels, and the insurrectionists were forced to surrender once their base of operations was destroyed.[7]

Lighthouse War

Sometime before 2016, the Erusean Navy acquired the Alicorn, a Super Scinfaxi-clsas submarine, from Yuktobania.[8]

During the 2019 Lighthouse War, the Erusean Navy was involved in hostilities against the Osean Federation. The opening Erusean surprise attacks at the opening of the War left Osean naval power limited, as Osea's vaunted carrier groups were either damaged in port at Osea or sunk around the International Space Elevator or at sea. Erusea's Njord Fleet would press this advantage by establishing a supply base at Snider's Top, threatening any Osean counterattack through northern Usea. However, the Njord Fleet would be decimated in an Osean surprise strike, leaving only token naval forces to defend Farbanti. These naval forces faced an Osean surface group during the Battle of Farbanti, but were sunk during the battle.  

The actions of the Erusean Navy after the Kingdom's collapse were limited. Frigates under the Conservative faction were deployed against Radicals and Osean forces at Tyler Island but were sunk from air attacks from the Osean Long Range Strategic Strike Group

List of units

Aegir Fleet


Combat and support vessels

Naval combat aircraft

Njord Fleet

  • Slava class
  • Aegis class
    • Hoenir
    • Freyr
  • Kuznetsov class aircraft carrier
    • Njoror


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