This article is about an in-universe event. For the in-game mission, see Safe Recovery - Alpha.

The Escort of Paper Wasp was an operation in which Antares One helped escort Paper Wasp in and out of a city in the Middle East.[1]


After the Valahia in Egypt were destroyed, Martinez Security's next mission was to support the rescue of Leblanc, an officer of the International Insurance Auditing Organization, in addition to the special forces that were sent to rescue him. In addition, it was also tasked with recapturing oil fields that were close to the VIP's location. [1]


After his arrival on the battlefield, Antares One began attacking any enemy forces that posed a threat to Paper Wasp. However, once Paper Wasp entered the city, a fire broke out in a refinery in the city, and parts of the pipeline were in flames; as a result, in addition to clearing out the mining plants, Antares One's new objective was to trigger the pipeline's safety valves. After the safety valves were activated, Paper wasp was able to rescue the VIP, and Antares One's next objective was to escort Paper Wasp to the western front. Despite heavy opposition, the mission was a success.[1]


As a result of the battle, Paper Wasp was able to make it to safety. Neither the VIP nor the special forces suffered any injuries. In addition, the Spiridus left the Middle East for Turkey, with Martinez Security in pursuit.[1]


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