Espada Team, formerly members of the 9th Air and Land Division, 11th Tactical Fighter Squadron, was a mercenary fighter squadron from Sapin that participated in the A World With No Boundaries uprising.


The operational history behind the Espada Squadron prior to the Belkan War is unknown, but it is known that Marcela Vasquez held a relationship with her commander, Alberto Lopez. During the war, they fought along the Hydrian Line to great results. In October 1995, Lopez and Vasquez both defected to A World With No Boundaries movement that rose in central Osea after the Belkan War, abandoning their base in Sapin and disappearing without a trace. [1] They were not the only soldiers from Sapin to join the group, as Air Force commander Ramos Gonzales and his Suerte Squadron followed suit. [2]

On December 25, 1995, the squadron accompanied the XB-0 Hresvelgr during the bombing of Lumen in the coup d'état, along with other rebel pilots from the movement, and carried out air strikes on Valais Air Base later that day. Galm Team pursued the XB-0 to the Waldreich Mountains, where it clashed with Espada. Vasquez and Lopez were shot down, and the squadron was disbanded.



  • The word espada is Spanish and Brazilian for sword. In Spanish bullfighting, matadors will use a sword to deliver the killing blow to the bull, and the Espada Team's emblem features a bull impaled by several swords.
  • In the reveal trailer, Espada was supposed to only use the J35J Draken.
  • Espada squadron´s logo makes a brief appearance in the briefing screen set before Operation Eternal Liberation in Ace Combat Infinity, as one of the squadrons being part of Task Force 118.