For the other military branch known as "EAF", see Erusean Air Force.

"They act like they own the sky."
Emmerian soldier[1]

The Estovakian Air Force (EAF),[2] also referred to as the Estovakia Air Force,[3] is the aerial service branch of Estovakian Forces.

The Estovakian Air Force is a well-equipped force, utilizing many advanced and highly-capable aircraft such as the F-22A Raptor, Su-47 Berkut, and CFA-44 Nosferatu.


Prior to the Ulysses Impact Event, the Estovakian Air Force originally operated solely for national defense. Following the impacts, Estovakia fell into ruin and a civil war soon broke out.[4] After the civil war, the government came under a military dictatorship, and The Generals later declared war on Emmeria.[4] Throughout the Emmeria-Estovakia War, the Estovakian Air Force—especially its elite Strigon Team—played a key role in securing multiple victories.[5] Despite their initial successes, they were not able to stop the Emmerian counterattack.[6]


As with the rest of the Estovakian military, with the exception of the Navy, the Estovakian Air Force was divided into a series of military "precincts". The order included aircraft in the form of aviation regiments.

Central Forces Precinct

  • 1st Aviation Regiment
    • 1st Tactical Fighter Squadron
  • 3rd Aviation Regiment
    • 12th Tactical Fighter Squadron
  • 10th Aviation Regiment
    • 1st Tactical Fighter Squadron
  • 60th Aviation Regiment
    • 5th Tactical Fighter Squadron
  • 80th Aviation Regiment
    • 3rd Tactical Fighter Squadron
  • 87th Aviation Regiment
    • 8th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Rytsary"
  • 98th Aviation Regiment
    • 76th Tactical Fighter Squadron
  • 120th Aviation Regiment
    • 1st Tactical Fighter Squadron
  • 124th Aviation Regiment
    • 8th Tactical Fighter Squadron
  • 370th Aviation Regiment

Southern Forces Precinct

Other Squadrons


Aircraft List

Reconnaissance Aircraft


Combat Aircraft

Transport Aircraft

Tanker Aircraft


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


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