"Soon after [the asteroid fell], the news reported that [Estovakia] had fallen into a civil war... one that would last for years."
Melissa Herman[2]

The Estovakian Civil War was a civil war in Estovakia from 2007 to 2013, fought between Estovakian military factions vying for control of the country. Lasting for six years, it remains the longest known armed conflict in Strangereal history.

Estovakia's government fell apart in the aftermath of the Ulysses 1994XF04 planetfall, leaving regional control to the military. The Lyes United Front took control of western Estovakia in 2007 and abused Emmerian assistance, leading to a humanitarian disaster. The four other military factions—the Eastern Faction, the Island Coalition, the Independent Tariff Federation, and the Northern Highlands Faction—declared war on the Lyes United Front and each other. The civil war led to the dissolution of the initiative to unify Anea into a single republic a year after hostilities began.

The Eastern Faction's development and use of the P-1112 Aigaion, as well as the elite Strigon and Vampire aerial squadrons, allowed the Eastern Faction to achieve victory in late 2013. These would later be central to Emmeria's early losses in the Emmeria-Estovakia War, instigated by the Eastern Faction and its "Generals".


On April 3, 2007, Estovakia's former capital was captured by the Lyes Faction, making General Lyes the de facto head of state. By June, the Lyes Faction became known as the Lyes United Front (LUF).[3] Emmeria, still wishing to speed up Estovakia's recovery following the Ulysses Impact Event, made an arrangement with the de facto government for aid supply.[4]

Outbreak of war[]

Unbeknownst to Emmeria, the Lyes United Front began using the aid to suppress areas opposing their rule on June 30, 2007; one of these areas was the Estovakian city of Gledina.[3] The LUF began to blockade supply routes to Gledina, causing a massive famine and resulting in a humanitarian crisis with over 200,000 civilians dying.[4] This sparked outrage among the nation and prompted the Eastern Faction to declare war on the LUF. Soon after, this outrage spread to many other Estovakian factions including the Island Coalition, Independent Tariff Federation, and Northern Highlands Faction, who soon after all declared war on one another, sparking the Estovakian Civil War.[4]

Early operations[]

On July 15, 2008, the Eastern Faction captured oil platforms formerly owned by the Oil Resource Development Corporation in the country's northeast. [5] By October 23, the Preparatory Agency for the Republic of Anea deemed the civil war situation in Estovakia worsening and put the entire initiative on hold.[5]

Through conquest, the Independent Tariff Federation was assimilated by the Lyes United Front. This greatly bolstered their military assets and territory.[6][7] Sometime afterward, the Lyes United Front deployed one of its most elite squadrons, Rousalka Team, on an operation to capture an Island Coalition base. In response, the Island Coalition tasked one of their elite pilots, Ozren Milos, to defend the base from the LUF. Ultimately, Milos and Island Coalition forces defended the base, becoming a massive blow to the LUF's war effort. Experts cite the Battle's outcome as a key factor in the eventual Eastern Faction victory.[8]

Turning point[]

Emmeria eventually discovered the Lyes United Front using Emmerian aid and funding to oppress rival factions and further their war effort instead of helping the nation's recovery, prompting the Emmerian government to cease its aid program on February 19, 2010. By May 9, 2011, Estovakia completely stopped receiving aid from Emmeria,[5] diminishing the Lyes United Front's combat capability and severely slowing their advance.[4] An LUF-controlled city was then subject to a city-wide bombing campaign at the hands of the Eastern Faction. The bombing operation aimed to eliminate an LUF tank battalion stationed there but left the city in ruin.[9]

Another threat to LUF superiority occurred when the Northern Highlands Faction peacefully joined the Eastern Faction, mainly due to the strong friendship shared between Northern Highlands leader Isaac Arensky and General Gustav Dvornik.[4]

The Aerial Fleet Initiative[]

At an unknown point in time Belkan defectors exiled from their nation after the Belkan War, including Lorenz Riedel, provided the Eastern Faction with information regarding the XB-0 Hresvelgr, thereby allowing them to construct their own heavy command cruiser. General Gustav Dvornik then announced the "Aerial Fleet Initiative", which the Eastern Faction soon after began developing.[10]

By 2012, the Aerial Fleet development became virtually stagnant. FRONT LINE military analysts speculated that General Gustav Dvornik was considering a purchase of Yuktobania's advanced submersible aviation cruiser, the Alicorn.[11] However, the Eastern Faction later completed the P-1112 Aigaion by January 2013 and began plans to use it against the Lyes United Front.[5] The Eastern Faction also began silencing Estovakian media corporations who criticized the faction's development of the CFA-44 Nosferatu.[12]

Final battles[]

At one point during the war, the Eastern Faction deployed CFA-44s equipped with All Direction Multi-Purpose Missiles against its rivals, where the weapons proved extremely effective.[12]

On January 15, 2013, General Lyes attempted a large scale offensive in hopes of ending the civil war. However, the Eastern Faction deployed its newly developed P-1112 Aigaion and CFA-44 Nosferatus, leading to the Lyes United Front suffering a crushing defeat. The Eastern Faction then launched a counteroffensive, deploying its elite Strigon and Vampire Teams in addition to its newly developed weapons. Within a single week, the Eastern Faction captured 80% of the Lyes United Front's remaining territory.[5]

By October, the Lyes United Front was still defending itself while on the backfoot. On October 29, the Eastern Faction launched a final offensive near the Emmerian border, deploying Vampire Team[13] and the Aigaion's Nimbus missiles. During the battle, General Lyes was killed and the Eastern Faction earned a decisive victory, thereby ending the civil war.[5]


Estovakian Civil War Over

An Emmeria Daily News newspaper reporting on the Estovakian Civil War's conclusion

Following the civil war's end, the Eastern Faction leaders, now being referred to as "The Generals", formed a new government that ran Estovakia as a military regime.[2]

Emmeria began providing reconstruction assistance to Estovakia again. However, remnant Lyes United Front forces continued to harass the new regime. The LUF attacked the city of Vistoc, which was receiving Emmerian aid and defended by Emmerian soldiers. After the attack, a conference was held, during which Estovakian leaders questioned Emmeria's previous support for the LUF, causing tensions to increase between the two nations.[4] In August 2015, Estovakia declared war on the Republic of Emmeria, initiating the Emmeria-Estovakia War.[14]