The Estovakian Navy is the naval warfare branch of the Estovakian military. Created after the Eastern Faction won the Estovakian Civil War in October 2013, it was deployed during numerous operations during the Emmeria-Estovakia War.

It was comprised of several fleets stationed across various locations, including the notable South Sea Fleet that defended Gracemeria.[1][2] When the P-1112 Aigaion landed to undergo maintenance, it fell under the jurisdiction of the Estovakian Navy.[3]


After the Eastern Faction won the Estovakian Civil War in October 2013, the Eastern Faction Navy[4] became the national Estovakian Navy.

On August 30, 2015, Estovakia declared war on Emmeria and invaded Gracemeria. Though initially being repelled, the P-1112 Aigaion turned the tide.[5] To liberate Gracemeria, the Emmerian military attempted four King & Balloon Operations, but were repelled each time by the combined effort of the Strigon Team, the Aigaion, and the Estovakian Navy's South Sea Fleet.[6]

In September, Estovakian naval ace Vaslav Reynek participated in the Doypalm Bay Offensive,[6] during which Estovakia captured the Emmerian city of San Loma.[7]


The Eques in port at San Loma

In January 2016, the Emmerian military launched an amphibious assault on the Anean mainland. An Estovakian Navy fleet at the Kijera Oil Fields attempted to defend the coastline but was ultimately pushed back by the Emmerian Navy's 2nd Fleet. During the battle, Estovakian vessels Scorpio, Gardeniya and Mistworker were sunk.[8]

On February 15, the Emmerian military launched an operation to liberate San Loma. The Estovakian fleet defending Doypalm Bay was sunk by the Emmerian Navy, which advanced into the bay. The Eques ordered all remaining Estovakian Aegis vessels to engage the Emmerian fleet. The Eques was later sunk by Emmerian forces.[9]

On March 31, the South Sea Fleet engaged Emmerian forces attempting to liberate Gracemeria. The Estovakian ships were split between two groups: one detachment defended the ocean beyond the King's Bridge, and a carrier strike group defended the King's Bay. Despite managing to nearly sink the Emmerian 2nd Fleet flagship Marigold, all Estovakian vessels at Gracemeria were sunk alongside naval ace Valeriy Nikitov, who was shot down by Talisman.[10]

South Sea Fleet 1

The Estovakian Navy South Sea Fleet defending Gracemeria

On the night of Gracemeria's liberation, several members of the Estovakian Navy joined General Gustav Dvornik in defying ceasefire talks with Emmerian leaders, opting to use the Chandelier to destroy Gracemeria.[11] Estovakian naval ace Vaslav Reynek joined other escorts in the first cruise missile attack on the city but was shot down.[12]

On April 1, Estovakian Navy vessels that had regrouped at the Razgriz Straits attempted to defend the Chandelier cruise missile system from an Emmerian attack. Ultimately, they were unsuccessful and Emmerian ace Talisman destroyed the weapon.[13]