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"Fly with the grace of an angel and strike with the heart of a demon."
― Solano during Fire Storm
"He said he's never really liked hot weather..."
― Solano apologizing to Albert Genette for a late interview

Eugene Solano (ユージン·ソラノ Yujin Sorano), codename "Crux" (最も重要な点 Mottomo jūyōna' ten), was Falco's [1] and Gryphus Squadron's [2] radio operator (air battle officer), similar to an AWACS.


Eugene is soft-spoken and timid, which justifies Roy/Gryphus 2's labeling of him as "this new guy". He appears a bundle of shaky nerves following the attack on Aubrey by the Gleipnir, and continuously implores Gryphus 1 to be careful, which would imply that he admires him and doesn't want to lose him as he lost the other pilots of the squadron. Despite his lack of confidence, he still retains his loyalty to his country and helps the ace pilot through several very challenging missions.



  • "Crux" is the name of a notable constellation in the southern hemisphere, which is also called Southern Cross.