Eugene Solano's Memoirs were two pieces of World News on the Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception ACES WEB site. They were written by Eugene Solano, describing the events of Skies of Deception and Standoff in the Skies II.[1]

This, alongside Standoff in the Skies II: Leasath Side, confirmed that Standoff in the Skies II and Ice Bound were the canon mission variants during the Aurelian War.

Skies of Deception

The below English translation was provided through[2]

English Translation

To tell the truth, I had a hard time growing fond of the emblem of Gryphus Squadron. I couldn't help but feel that its design, a condor wearing a complacent smile, beefed up the atmosphere of a provincial base. It just wouldn't make me feel fit.

Located far away from foreign countries, Aubrey Base was mainly assigned maritime defense roles, but was not regarded as an important asset. I figured that was the reason why an inexperienced communications operator like me was stationed there. The sea air was everywhere as the base was surround by the ocean, and the weather was cold most of the year since it was in a high latitudes area. Back then, I always thought about leaving this base.

After a training, I often went to see aircraft, but there was no special reason for me doing so. It's just that there was nothing other than that to do to kill time. There were nothing but a small fishing village and a harbor within several tens kilometers around this base, so we didn't have to care about conducting trainings frequently. Having finished a training, 2nd Lt. Rick would often talk to me while I was watching aircraft aimlessly.

"Hey, rookie." He was always frank and kind of rude. He pointed to the emblem of Gryphus Squadron and tapped me a bit hard on the shoulder without caring about me feeling it hurt. "You were too diligent in today's training, as always. At this rate, you're gonna be laughed away by this cute Gryphus birdie. You better know how to relax and smile."

"You were inattentive, 2nd Lt. Heck, this bird is always smiling like there's nothing to worry about."

"Eh? You don't like the emblem we designed, do you?" Every time he talked about the emblem, he became serious. "Mind you, the desire we entrusted to this emblem when we made this is..." 2nd Lt. Rick started to explain it endlessly. I interrupted him and a little sullenly said, "I've heard that story many times before." I left the hangar and went back to my room. That's how things were then.


I guess I was confident in my ability at that time. That's why I felt kind of impatient in a place like this provincial base and with people like 2nd Lt. Rick. I groundlessly thought I was good enough. That sure was a pitfall that awaits unwary, young people.

That confidence of mine was to be shattered so easily when I was plunged into battle for the first time.

After the 10 days that came and went like a storm, most of Aurelia had been taken by Leasath. The assault of the Leasath forces was so quick and fast that we were unable to do anything. We only found that Aubrey Base was isolated like a desert island in the ocean. And the information was delivered to us that the Leasath forces were intending to attack and capture Aubrey Base. Fortunately or unfortunately, we could catch this information in advance. But when I first heard the information, I thought about if I was lucky or not.

An emergency briefing was immediately held for the intercept mission, but weariness and resignation had already predominated the base. We had been cut off from HQ. The intercept mission itself was proposed as a kind of bravado to let Leasath know what we could offer them with what little we had. On behalf of my superior who was on leave and incommunicado, I was assigned a role of briefing the mission. And... dammit, I was so confused that I almost lost it. I was nervous. I tried to focus, but words from my mouth got thiner.

"So, launch please. I'd like you to get back at Leasath as much as possible." I managed to finish the briefing with those kinds of words, but it was after a quite a while that I noticed that I'd been trembling.

But my apprehensions were swept away once the mission started. My pilots were all sharp. 2nd Lt. Rick, who was always fooling around, shot down enemy planes, shouting vividly.

Watching their maneuvers, I thought they didn't need strep from me. In fact, I was having a helluva time keeping track of them. Among those pilots, the Captain was one of a kind.

Cape Aubrey battle.jpg

The deafening roars of fighters, and the sounds of exploding bombers. The number of Leasath aircraft was decreasing one by one.

3 planes left, and 2 planes, and 1... And, it was over.

When the last enemy bomber blew up in the air and crashed into the water, I heard 2nd Lt. Rick on the radio saying, "How about we fly on and take back the capital Gryphus 1? I'm sure they'll be running scared!"

Feeling all stiff, I couldn't even tell them that the mission was successfully completed.

I tried to calm down at the voice of 2nd Lt. Rick, and then... I saw something in my sight. A blip on my radar. I screamed before I recognized what it was. "Radar contact! Something is approaching fast! It's... a missile!"

Dammit, the information was there. 'Gleipnir', the Airborne Fortress of the Leasath Forces. It's the thing that made possible Leasath's lightning quick invasion. Its special weapon...

"SWBM! Hurry up and retreat!"

"Where should we fly? Direction?! Distance?!"

2nd Lt. Rick's voice echoed. I couldn't tell him anything though. The blip on radar was moving too fast. I shouted how I felt.

"It's no use, the missile's too fast!"

At that moment, a column of light tore the sky apart.

And then, a flash of light exploded in midair. The light simultaneously gave birth to an intense shockwave, and it instantly consumed the surrounding airspace. A moment later, thunderous sounds of the explosion filled the sky and I felt like I was almost blown away by that blast.

Our friendly planes easily fell victim to the hammer of the air. They were all blown away, destroyed, and crashed into pieces. And...

"Gryphus 2, please respond!"

His plane's emblem turned into a fireball in front of me as I was crying out desperately.

Original Japanese




「お? 俺たちが考えたエンブレムに文句があるのか」










Cape Aubrey battle.jpg





「SWBMです! 早く退避してください!」
「どっちに行けばいいんだ! 方向は! 距離は!」







Standoff in the Skies II

The below English translation was provided through[2]

English Translation

The Gleipnir had always been lingering on my mind since that nightmare of the battle where Gryphus Squadron was almost annihilated by the attack of just a single SWBM. Aurelian ground forces organized a formation to settle the score with that monster and were advancing toward the river side city of Santa Elva.

"There it is, the Gleipnir!"

"Commence firing! Give it everything you've got!"

The ground forces quickly opened fire on the giant hull of the Gleipnir when it showed up above the sky. Attacks from the ground were supposed to be the best bet against the Gleipnir, for it was believed that the Gleipnir was not capable of launching an attack downwards. But the ground forces underneath the Gleipnir were instantly blown away just after the moment it emitted a flash of light. An unknown attack from the Gleipnir. Something that was not in our data... looking at the shockwave spreading downwards, I learned that our operation was totally beside the mark.

The moment I realized it, I found myself shouting on the radio.

"Gryphus One! If our ground forces are wiped out here, we'll be unable to maintain the military. I'll display damage status of our friendly ground forces on your MPG. Protect them and don't let it max out, please."

This was different from the mission at Cape Aubrey. Gryphus Squadron took back Port Paterson, which gave the Aurelian forces a little bit of hope. For those who gathered, and for the purpose of taking back Aurelia, the importance of the roles we had to carry out was growing bigger than ever.

I saw the Gleipnir in front of me for the first time, and its presence was overwhelming; almost godlike. As if it was the incarnation of the sky itself. Its giant body disappeared like it soaked into space. And then, an Aurelian aircraft that was flying close to it blew up. It crashed into the invisible giant. Other planes quickly and dispersed.

It seemed there was nothing we could do against the Gleipnir's optical camouflage. However, there was one plane that was inflicting damage to it effectively. Gryphus One... the flight lead. The missile fired from his plane hit the invisible wall and exploded.

"Serious damage on the optical camouflage system! We can't maintain optical camouflage!"

A strained voice of a Leasath soldier was heard on the radio. At the same time as that voice, the giant hull of the Gleipnir showed up.

"Right on! The cloak's been stripped off!"

I could hear Gryphus Squadron members rejoice, but that moment of our hope lasted only for a second. A missile was launched from the upper deck of the Gleipnir. It smoked a long trail to climb up the sky, and started to dive down on us.

"Gleipnir fired a missile!"

I shouted out right away. Tension was bursting from my chest and made me feel suffocated while I was counting down. The hammering of my heart couldn't be subsided.

"10 seconds to impact. 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Impact!"

Just that moment, a spear of light tore up the sky. An even greater fireball exploded in the air. When the light was set off, the explosion gave birth to intense shockwaves which swiftly expanded away to consume the surrounding space. A moment after, a thunderous roar resounded the sky and it felt like my body was blown away. The shot that reminded me of the nightmare at Cape Aubrey, threw me into confusion with such ease.

SWBM Detonation.jpg

The emblem of Rick's plane was enveloped in flame...
How they all went down, exploding and being incinerated...

It was as if the nightmare at Aubrey Bay were replaying in front of my eyes.
The aftermath of the compressed air passed by, leaving the atmosphere slightly shaken just like the nightmare was still lurking around.

My brain had already ceased to function, and all my body could do was to tremble at a loss for what to do. My eyes were left open, but nothing was moving in my sight... until the emblem of the Captain's plane came in. That symbol of the bird smiling like there's nothing to worry about.
Under a pressing circumstance like this, it was smiling so optimistically just like it had been. I almost thought it told me to stop being scared of anything.

It reminded me of a scenery of the past. Aubrey Base, before the war broke out. In the base where it was always cold and was filled with the sea smell, I saw 2nd Lieutenant Rick pointing at the Gryphus Emblem.

I heard him say, "Listen, vultures are believed to feed on dead flesh. People even think they are ominous creatures. They always stare down at their preys in the sky with tremendous eyesight. Our existence may be awkward in peaceful days like now. Heck, that's why we need to remember Gryphus to keep an eye on the surroundings. Look. What this bird has in its beak. It's the Southern Cross, the symbol of our country. This means we are the ones who protect this country. To do that, you gotta be able to relax and smile no matter how desperate the situation is, just like this cute Gryphus birdie. That's our duty. Someone who is always stiff like you is far from mature. Train hard to get to know what Gryphus is all about. If this bird laughs you away, then you are still a nugget."

... He's right. There's no time to be confused. It's my duty to deliver appropriate information to everybody. That's what I must do. I gotta relax myself to carry out my job. At this rate, the Gryphus won't stop laughing my ass away.

The SWBM was launched one more time by the Gleipnir. But its timing of impact was totally predicted due to the analysis of the data from Aubrey Base.

"10 seconds to impact"

The Captain's plane, which was charging at the Gleipnir, changed course simultaneously.
He descended to lower altitude in an instant, leaving splendid trails in the sky. That was a perfect maneuver in sync with my countdown.

"5... 4... 3... 2...1... Impact!"

At that moment, the Captain's plane was at safe altitude and weathered the shockwaves.
Upon the impact, he once again started to fly toward the Gleipnir.

He steadily decreased the number of the Gleipnir's SWBM launchers, and evaded enemy attacks in accordace with my instruction. That moment, I was under the strange illusion that I was dancing in the sky with the Captain.

And when I came to my senses, the Captain's emblem caught my eyes. I surely saw the Gryphus, which always laughed at me, welcome me with a gentle smile. That moment I felt as though, I was a member of the Gryphus Squadron for the first time.

Gleipnir's Defeat.jpg

Original Japanese


「砲撃開始! ありったけの弾を撃ち込め!」





「光学迷彩システムに深刻なダメージ! 光学迷彩を維持できません!」





SWBM Detonation.jpg

オーブリー岬の再現が、目の前で展開されたように思われた。 圧縮された空気の余波が通り過ぎ、悪夢の余韻のように大気が震える。

お気楽な笑顔を浮かべたグリフィスのシンボル。 こんなに緊迫した状況にあって、相変わらず呑気に笑っている。まるで、何も怯えることなんてないのだと言っているように。






Gleipnir's Defeat.jpg


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