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Excalibur (エクスキャリバー Ekusukyaribā) is a gigawatt-grade chemical laser tower constructed by an unknown country. It was designed as a defensive structure against ballistic missile attacks.

Excalibur was taken over by the USEA Federation and repurposed to be used as an anti-aircraft weapon. During the USEAn War, the United Nations Forces sanctioned operations to destroy it.


Excalibur was developed sometime in the late 20th or early 21st century by an unknown country. It was designed as a defensive weapon that could neutralize ballistic missiles with its massive laser port at the top of the structure itself.[1]

When the USEA Federation took over various parts of the Eurasian continent, they captured Excalibur and redeveloped it with new weapons and capabilities (see Design). The United Nations Forces, having no data on USEA's modifications, sent its elite pilots to inspect the facility and destroy it. USEA would attempt to rebuild it, buffing its defenses with a squadron of CFA-44 Nosferatus and even aid from Camilla, but Excalibur would only be destroyed again.[1]


Excalibur Jamming Station Infinity

One of Excalibur's jamming stations

Excalibur is a massive tower, reaching around a thousand meters into the sky. It has a port at the very top that allows it to shoot out gigawatts of chemical energy as a large laser, which can splice through anything at a far range.[1]

It is unclear what else was present upon Excalibur's first construction, but following USEA's modifications, the facility also featured:[1]

  • Four radar jamming stations that prevented weapon lock on from being used on Excalibur and its immediate surroundings;
  • Numerous UAVs equipped with mirrors to create a defensive web of lasers around the tower;
  • RTLS cannons that can fire small but highly-dangerous lasers in a short radius;
  • and six smaller towers around Excalibur that assist its targeting capabilities.



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