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Excalibur Onslaught IV is a Special Raid mission in Ace Combat Infinity that has a chance to appear after completing a previous Online Co-Op Mission. It takes place in Area R1V, where the USEA Federation is operating a giant laser tower named Excalibur Black Sword. Players must work together to destroy it.


Our intelligence division is reporting that the enemy has re-activated Excalibur and is now fully functioning.
We have very little information, but the enemy will be expecting our attack and is likely to have fortified Excalibur beyond anything we have seen so far.
All units, prepare to do battle with a new iteration of Excalibur, codenamed "Black Sword."


Players spawn at the southeast corner of the map. Excalibur is located roughly in the center of the map, and will immediately commence firing on the players. The tower will fire its laser at the players directly. So, players are to avoid flying in a sector of the map indicated to be the tower's effective line of fire.

Radar jamming facilities consisting of radar bunkers with AA guns, XSAMs, and tanks as their defenses are set up in four locations and all of them are located between the players' spawn point and the Excalibur. Players' first objective is to destroy all of the jamming facilities to clear the jamming.

Next, players must fly to the tower and destroy its power generators and targeting towers. At this point, the enemy will launch MQ-90 drones. Also, the tower will now defend itself by firing at a series of reflective mirrors equipped on trucks and airships to build a network of laser beams.

After the generators and the towers are destroyed, a squadron of eight enemy CFA-44 Nosferatus equipped with ADMM appear, which all must be destroyed. Following this, the Butterfly Master and her QFA-44 supported by MQ-90Ls will spawn. The QFA-44 must be shot down to continue the mission.

After the enemy planes are shot down, players must destroy Excalibur's topmost laser port, and lastly destroy the tower itself by aiming at its center in order to complete the mission.

S Rank


C or B Rank

A Rank

S Rank


  • Completing this mission rewards players with the "Sword of Annihilation" nickname and the "Defensive Chemical Laser Raid Operation (Black)" emblem.


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