Expo City is a major Usean city located in eastern Usea. A major landmark in Expo City is New Ark Airport (ニュー・アーク空港), which acts as the headquarters for the Universal Peace Enforcement Organization.


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Lighthouse War

During the Lighthouse War, Expo City was located in Erusean-occupied territory. It was later liberated by Osean forces following Operation Dragon Breath.[1]

In December 2019, Osea and Erusea signed a ceasefire treaty at the Expo City Conference. The treaty marked the official end of the Lighthouse War.[2]

Intercorporate War

During the simulated Intercorporate War, Expo City was the site of multiple conflicts. Neucom Incorporated always starts off the war by flying a group of R-501 Rhincodon transports over the city, which UPEO views as part of Neucom's large-scale strikes against General Resource Limited. UPEO always shoots down the transports and its escorts.[3]

Every following event involving Expo City depends on Nemo's actions in prior battles in the war: