Extra Mission 2 is a modified version of One Night Stand in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy. The player must pursue a Z.O.E ADF-01 FALKEN through a ravine.


The mission's primary target is the Z.O.E ADF-01 FALKEN. It will fly through the ravine, firing its gun and missiles backwards at the player. Shooting down the FALKEN completes the mission. The mission will fail if the player flies above the rim of the ravine, or if the FALKEN reaches the end of the ravine and escapes.

Enemy Lists[]

Special Units[]

Unit Points Count
Icon-AirTGT ADF-01 Z.O.E 1000 1

S Rank[]

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  • The enemy FALKEN uses Colour 1, the plane's default grey color.
  • While the mission has a 5-minute time limit, the player actually has approximately 2 minutes and 37 seconds to shoot down the FALKEN before it reaches the end of the ravine.