All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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Extra Missions are special missions in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy separate from the main campaign. This mode is unlocked by completing the corresponding campaign missions, and the missions are focused on non-canonical scenarios lifted from the central story. Their completion rewards Phoenix with monetary rewards, in addition to aircraft and tuning parts.

Missions list

Mission 1

Based on: Cuckoo's Nest
S rank conditions: Finish mission within 1:30

Phoenix must intercept a squadron of C-17A transports, along with the paradropped containers and tanks they release. The differences to the story version are : Some of the containers contain high explosive material and will explode upon destruction, damaging Phoenix's aircraft should he flew too close. The airborne tanks can fire at Phoenix to defend temselves.

Mission 2

Based on: One Night Stand
S rank conditions: Finish mission within 40 seconds.

Phoenix must pursue and destroy the ADF-01 ZOE in the ravines of Seals Bridge. Like the story mode's ZOE, it can fire machine gun and missiles backward. It will also perform kulbits at certain points. The differences to the story version are : There is only one enemy. This particular ZOE isn't colored red unlike the canon ADF-01. Instead, it uses the Color 01 of ADF-01 FALKEN. Phoenix begins above the Fensalir's dock, not the entry of the ravines.

Mission 3

Based on: Green Bird
S rank conditions: Finish mission within 1:30

The mission is very similar to Ace Combat: Joint Assault's Ace of Aces. Phoenix must destroy 100 aircraft that come in waves. Every two waves, the enemy aircraft will change to the better ones.

Mission 4

Based on: Fighter's Honor
S rank conditions: Finish mission within 6:20

The mission is very similar to Fighter's Honor. First, Phoenix must battle the ADF-01 ZOE like in the campaign mission. This ZOE has been upgraded. It will jam the HUD more frequently and will almost always counter Phoenix's missiles when chased with Attack Maneuver. During the power plant and fortress phase, nothing much are different, except for the upgraded enemy aircraft. In the ICBM phase, the upper hatch will not open to facilitate escape, so Phoenix must perform a U-turn inside the silo and fly back out through the entrance. Outside, Phoenix will be greeted by a squadron of 4 completed versions of ADF-01, the FALKEN. All FALKENs are equipped with TLS and they keep the deadly power of the laser. After all FALKENs are destroyed, the mission ends.


  • Three mission completed: MiG-31 Foxhound
  • Five missions completed: Virtuous Patriot medal, ADF-01 FALKEN (if campaign and Survival missions are finished)


  • The Virtuous Patriot medal and the MiG-31 are a reference to the 2004 videogame Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.