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"Ace Combat 3, General Resource Aircraft. A lightened fuselage allows for increased weapons payload. Built upon an array of technology, this aircraft boasts assured attacking prowess. General Resource's control over much of the world's economy casts an indomitable shadow over all nations."

The F-117A -GENERAL EMBLEM- is a downloadable aircraft in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. it was released in February 28, 2008 with DLC Pack #05 for free, but has been removed from the marketplace for reasons unknown.


The General Emblem is a modified F-117A Nighthawk attacker, customized with an Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere redesign. The aircraft is an standard Estovakian model boasting the emblem of the corporation General Resource, which is located in the midsection and wings of the aircraft. The tailcode is changed to "WV 218". The GR F-117A is different from the standard model in that it is more of a multi-role aircraft than a fully dedicated ground attacker. Armor has been sacrificed in exchange for an upgraded air-to.air value. The plane's weapons capacity has been upgraded.



  • The GENERAL EMBLEM is the only "emblem" type aircraft not to have a "TYPE ACE" counterpart.