The F-117A -YUKIHO- 3 Star Aircraft is a special version of the F-117A Nighthawk featuring the character Yukiho Hagiwara from THE iDOLM@STER. It was featured as a downloadable aircraft skin in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation and Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, and was available as a standalone Special Aircraft in Ace Combat Infinity.

Game Analysis[]

Ace Combat Infinity[]

F-117A -YUKIHO- Icon
"A special version of the F-117A featuring the same color scheme as Yukiho Hagiwara from THE IDOLM@STER series.
Its abilities may seem ordinary at first sight, but you may be able to unleash its strengths the more you use it."

How to Unlock

The aircraft was only available as a Limited-Time Drop between March 5 and April 1 of 2015 during the third IDOLM@STER Collaboration Event. It was available again as Random Drop between February 1 and Februrary 29, 2016.
1 650 765[a] 81 120 6 E+ D C+ D C+ D
2 691 84,630 252 122 8 D D+ B D C+ D+
3 732 117,180 423 124 10 D+ D+ B D+ B C
4 773 169,260 594 128 12 13 D+ C B+ D+ B+ C+
5 814 221,340 765 132 14 14 C C A D+ B+ B
6 855 520,800[b] 834 134 16 15 C+ C A D+ B+ B
7 896 234,360 903 136 17 16 22 C+ C+ A C A B+
8 937 429,660 972 138 18 18 24 B C+ A C A A
9 978 624,960 1041 142 19 20 25 B B A+ C A+ A
10 1019 1,432,200 1111 146 20 22 26 B+ B A+ C A+ A+
11[c] 1066 1,913,940 1289 150 21 23 27 B+ B+ S C S S
12[c] 1113 2,551,920 1468 154 22 24 28 A B+ S C+ S S+
13[c] 1160 3,202,920 1647 158 23 25 29 A A S+ C+ S+ S+
14[c] 1207 4,478,880 1826 162 24 26 30 A+ A S+ C+ S+ S+
15[c] 1254 5,116,860 2005 166 26 28 32 S A+ S+ B S+ S+
16[c] 1316 6,536,040 2064 168 27 29 33 S+ A+ S+ B S+ S+
17[c] 1375 7,460,460 2123 170 28 30 34 S+ A+ S+ B+ S+ S++
18[c] 1434 8,397,900 2183 172 29 31 35 S+ S S+ B+ S+ S++
19[c] 1493 10,728,480 2242 174 30 32 36 S+ S S+ A S+ S++
20[c] 1552 13,527,780 2303 176 32 34 38 S+ S S++ A+ S++ S++
Part Slots
At Lv.1, this aircraft carried 21 BODY, 21 ARMS, and 21 MISC part slots. See Tuning § Slot Expansion for further information.
Upgrading this aircraft to Level 20 unlocked the Anohi No Namida nickname for use at any time.


  • Default: Yukiho Hagiwara livery


Ace Combat: Assault Horizon[]

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation[]

F-117A Yukiho
"THE IDOLMASTER, Yukiho Hagiwara Aircraft. A little on the shy side, this boasts impressive moves when trying its best. It's up to you to make this star shine!"
― Official description

The F-117A Nighthawk -THE iDOLM@STER: Yukiho- is a DLC aircraft available in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. Priced at $4.99 in XBL Marketplace and is part of Pack #03, this F-117A Nighthawk is the second aircraft in the THE iDOLM@STER aircraft series. This Nighthawk is outfitted with a light blue design based on idol Yukiho Hagiwara, a very shy girl who wants to become a singer to leave her cowardly disposition behind. Unlike the other iDOLM@STER aircraft, Yukiho's Nighthawk does not feature a different color smoke for missile trails, but this is likely due to the design being too close to the default white.


The Yukiho Nighthawk, performance-wise, sees a maxed out air-to-ground rating as well as a needed increase in the air-to-air rating. Ammo count sees a massive increase, too, with the QAAM and the LASM being the most noticable; compared to the original Nighthawk, with 15 QAAMs and 35 LASMs, the Yukiho Nighthawk has a massive 55 QAAMs and 81 LASMs. This makes this aircraft more potent in air-to-air battles as well as for ground-based fighting.
There are, however, some potent weaknesses associated with this skin. Defense, mobility and speed see a decrease, making it not only slower than the original Nighthawk and the other non-DLC attacker aircraft, but also making it the slowest aircraft in the game. Also, stability sees a decrease, making it somewhat harder to perform High-G turns. These drawbacks allude to Yukiho's shy personality. However, once the player does get the Nighthawk to a higher speed, the aircraft's mobility increases; this alludes to Yukiho's personality shifting when she performs on stage. As such, at higher speeds the Nighthawk becomes a capable multirole aircraft.
Overall, despite some decreases to stats, this is superior to the original not only in terms of ammo count, but in the mobility increase as it goes faster. This also makes it a great choice for multiplayer battles, and for going for the Night Owl medal, like with the other attacker aircraft DLC.



  1. The aircraft's Lv.1 price is a reference to the idol talent agency "765 Production" in THE iDOLM@STER. The number 765 is Namco's Goroawase number; more information is available at 765.
  2. Players could use one Nonstandard Upgrade Request Form instead of credits for the Lv.6 upgrade.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 3.7 3.8 3.9 Lv. Cap Increase Request Forms were required to unlock Lv.11 and each level afterward, one per level. Credits and research were also required for each level as usual.