The F-14A Tomcat is a dual seat, swing-wing fighter aircraft manufactured by Grumman. Created in the 1970s to replace the F-4 Phantom, it was the main fighter aircraft of the United States Navy. Its AWG-9 weapons control system allows it to track up to 24 targets at a range exceeding that of even the F-22A Raptor.

The Tomcat has been featured in several Ace Combat games in addition to its bomber counterpart, the F-14B Bombcat. However, both have been outmoded by the F-14D Super Tomcat, starting in Ace Combat 6.

Air Combat

In Air Combat, the F-14 is a light fighter jet. It is used by the coup d'etat forces in the missions "Destroy Pipe-Lines", "VIP Recovery Mission", "Storm the Mother Ship" and "Take a Fortress".

The F-14 is one of the first aircraft available to the player, along the F-4E Phantom II. It costs 3,000,000$ to purchase. The aircraft generally acceptable statistics, boasting high defense, power and offense values, making it generally superior to the F-4 and a great starter aircraft. However, both aircraft share the disadvantage of low mobility. It is also flown by wingman Sergeo.

Ace Combat 2

F-14 paint schemes from AC2.

In Ace Combat 2, the F-14 is a relatively uncommon fighter aircraft used by the Usean Rebel Force. It is seen in the missions "Sledgehammer", "Visiting Hours" and "Juggernaut". Notably, the F-14 spotted in Sledgehammer is an special blood red variant flown by the Z.O.E. Captain.

The aircraft can be unlocked by completing mission 08A/B, costing $120,000 credits to purchase. It is an all-round balanced fighter, possessing a high climbing ability, air combat prowess, power and above average stability. Despite this, however, the mobility value is rather average for an aircraft of its type. In Extra mode, it is replaced by the TND-F3 as an unlockable aircraft. {C

Ace Combat 04

In Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies, the F-14A is a mid-level fighter aircraft. It is used by the Federal Erusean Air Force in the missions "Invincible Fleet", "Shattered Skies", "Tango Line" and "Escort". One of the aircraft in Invincible Fleet is ace pilot Levy, who must be taken down to unlock the Tomcat's SP paint scheme.

The F-14A is first unlocked after "Deep Strike" along the TND-IDS and the F/A-18C, with the basic unit costing $188,000 and the secondary and Erusean schemes $244,000 each. The AC04 incarnation of the aircraft is a heavy air-to-air fighter, possessing high air combat and defense parameters to match. As well, it has above average stability, speed, maneuverability, and armor, making it a relatively balanced aircraft. However, air-to-ground is poor. It can carry 64 basic missiles, as well as either 16 XLAAs or 10 Medium Unguided Bombs.

Ace Combat 5

In Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, the F-14A Tomcat is a mid-level fighter aircraft. It is the canonical aircraft flown by the 108th Tactical Fighter Squadron through the course of the game, and is first introduced in gameplay when one is flown by Captain Marcus Snow of the Osean Air Defense Force in "Narrow Margin".

The F-14A is first unlocked after mission #9, "Lit Fuse" is completed. It is the first aircraft of the F-14 aircraft family; filling the aircraft's Kill Rate Gauge will unlock the F-14B Bombcat, which in turn unlocks the F-14D Super Tomcat.


  • The picture above, under Air Combat, with the caption 'Alternate paint scheme' has a design on its vertical stabilizer that it very similar to the ISAF roundel.


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