"Don't underestimate the Jack-O'-Lantern! This F-14D is known for striking fear with its appearance during low speed battles."
― North America PSN description

The F-14D "Halloween Pumpkin" is a downloadable aircraft skin in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. It was released worldwide on the week of October 25, 2011 for USD$3.99 (and all region equivalents). It originally cost 320 Microsoft Points on the Xbox Marketplace before the system was changed to match local currencies. On the Steam version of the game, as is the case with almost all of the DLC from the original release, "Halloween Pumpkin" is included for free.


The F-14D "Halloween Pumpkin" is listed as Color 07 for the F-14D Super Tomcat. The skin features a black paint scheme, with a large jack-o-lantern and red flames on the wings and the top of the airframe. The tailfins also display red flames. The left wing displays the phrase "Shoot or Treat" (a pun on the phrase "Trick or Treat"), and the right wing displays the phrase "Happy Halloween". Additionally, the sides of the engines (beneath the wings and elevators) display the phrase "IMMORTAL", and small pumpkins are visible on the bottom of the vertical stabilizers.

Unlike the F-14D -HALLOWEEN-, the F-14D "Halloween Pumpkin" does not modify any of the aircraft's abilities or weapon counts. However, the stealth capabilities are still a part of the skin, allowing the player to hide from radar from enemy units that are not facing the player. This is not, however, a unique feature to the Halloween Pumpkin; other aircraft available to the player, such as the F-22A Raptor or T-50 PAK-FA, already feature stealth.

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The Steam version is included in the game for free.



  • This aircraft skin was later featured in Ace Combat Infinity. However, in Infinity, the skin is purely cosmetic and does not come with stealth or any performance changes.