The F-15C Eagle Death Rider is a downloadable F-15C Eagle skin for Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. Designed by artist Chi-Chun Liu (also known as pvtskwerl), it is the winning design of the Skin Design Contest held by Ace Combat Official Facebook Page from March to April 2011.

The skin was originally free for download on PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE, but it is now removed from both stores together with all other downloadable content. It is still available in Enhanced Edition on PC.

According to the artist, the idea behind the skin is to have the pilot personalised as Death, with the plane as the Death's mount, hence the skeletal visual feature is integrated on the aircraft to emphasise this idea.[1] Other inspirations included animal anatomy, Neon Genesis Evangelion's concept of organic flesh under mechanical parts, as well as Ghost from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.[2] Together these ideas would come together for Ace Combat: Assault Horizon's theme of "metal being torn apart".[3]