For the original "Tiger Pattern" aircraft, see Rafale M "Tiger Pattern".

The F-15E "Tiger Pattern" is a downloadable paint scheme in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. It is scheduled for release in February 15, 2012 with DLC Pack #07.

This is the second "Tiger Pattern" skin to be release for Assault Horizon so far. It is the standay grey that the F-15E normally uses however it has tiger stripes in black covering it's surface. It's refueling intake and brake however are covered in orange and black tiger pattern instead. It has a tigers head on the sides of the nose of the aircraft in black, orange, and white (with a pink tongue). It still has 'William Bishop' written just beneath the canopy and Warwolf's emblems on the sides of the aircraft. The vertical stabilizer trim is black and orange, instead of the usual yellow, and the letters on the vertical stabilizers are black with an orange shadow. The tailcode is LN and the USAF's roundel is on the top of the left wing.

Compared to the original, the Tiger Pattern of F-15E has been tuned for increased acceleration at the expense of its maximum speed.



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