"Ace Combat: The Belkan War, Wingman Pixy Aircraft. Armour has been lightened to increase stability. With an array of counterstrike customizations, this aircraft can immediately adapt to changes on the battlefield. The Republic of Ustio's Mercenary Galm Unit No. 2, "Pixy" nearly lost his left wing during combat, but miraculously completed the mission and returned to base, earning him the name "Solo Wing Pixy". He continued his military career earning numerous accolades as Cipher's wingman."
Hangar description

The F-15E -PIXY- is a downloadable aircraft in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. It was released with Pack #03 in December 20, 2007, at the price of $2.49 (200 MSP, pre-MSP retirement).


The Pixy F-15E Strike Eagle is the second aircraft of the Ace Combat Zero line, following the F-15E -CIPHER- which it is a relative of. As the name implies, it is based on the F-15C Eagle flown during the Belkan War by Larry "Solo Wing Pixy" Foulke, the second member of the 66th Air Force Unit "Galm". The plane's right wing is painted red to commemorate a combat incident in which Pixy lost his wing, barely managing to return to base afterwards.

The PIXY Strike Eagle shares a nearly identical performance alteration with CIPHER. However, air-to-air is slightly lowered in comparison, while stability is given a minor upgrade. As is the case with the latter, its weapons payload has not been changed. Furthermore, the plane's machine gun has been powered up with an increased rate of fire.


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