The F-15 S/MT Eagle+ was an advanced, highly maneuverable air-superiority fighter that was used by the GRDF and the UPEO during The Corporate War of 2045, with great results. It was developed from the earlier F-15 S/MTD, but had many improvements, such as a COFFIN system, reinforced airframe, and more powerful engines, but retaining the canards, it has thrust vectoring. It's the oldest fighter in 2045 (older than the F-22C Raptor II), but one of the most respected.

The weight is the same as a fully loaded F-15E Strike Eagle (when it comes to max take off weight). This is presumably because the F-15 S/MT Eagle+ was used for long range/loiter time patrol missions, thus the need for a larger fuel load. Also, this airframe can take the role of an attack aircraft, thanks to its excellent loadout capabilities and the ability of the airframe to sustain more damage as compared to the F-16 series. The engines were supposedly upgraded to provide the 1382km/h advantage over the standard Strike Eagle to help in interception and long range penetration duties.

An ace version, the F-15 S/MT Eagle+-D, was used by Abyssal Dision.


Abyssal Dision /GRDF (later Ouroboros)(AC3)
Keith Bryan / GRDF (AC3)


Ace Combat 3 (the game itself)
McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle -
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