The F-15SE <ZELDA> is an aircraft exclusively featured in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy +. Its livery features the Triforce and Princess Zelda from the titular Legend of Zelda series.

The <ZELDA>'s special weapons have increased power compared to other aircraft in the game,[1] and the aircraft also features increased speed, defense, and mobility in exchange for a large decrease in stability. Additionally, all of the aircraft's missiles feature purple missile smoke.

When unlocked, the aircraft comes with the special Cockpit part "SP Part 11" which improves the plane's Evasive Maneuver ability and regenerates health.

Game Analysis

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy +

"Zelda themed F-15SE."

How to Unlock

Unlocking this aircraft requires syncing any Zelda or Sheik amiibo to the player's 3DS.


F-15SE ZELDA Statistics



  • C01: Princess Zelda livery



  • The F-15SE <ZELDA> is the only Nintendo Aircraft in Legacy + to have different names for its special weapons, to indicate the increased power compared to the same weapons on other aircraft.[1]
  • The ZELDA replaces the standard F-15SE Silent Eagle's MPMs and XAGMs with XMAAs and ODMMs.


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