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The General Dynamics F-16C Block60 is a variant of the F-16C Fighting Falcon. With a drastically improved radar, a more powerful engine, and the capability to fit low-drag conformal fuel tanks, the Block 60 represents a significant increase in capability for the F-16.



During the Circum-Pacific War, this aircraft was utilized by Yuktobanian Air Force. Several F-16C Block60s were deployed to patrol around Glubina POW camp and were subsequently shot down by the Wardog Squadron in the ensuing POW rescue operation.[1] A YAF squadron, Voskhod Squadron flown this type of aircraft during Jilachi Desert Invasion.[2]

Game Analysis

Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War

"This lightweight fighter is a modified F-16C. It has an improved radar system and a conformal fuel tank, which enables extended range without increased drag, for better overall performance."

How to Unlock

Fill the F-16C Fighting Falcon's Kill Rate Gauge. Costs Ƶ18,100 per plane.


  • Speed: 73
  • Mobility: 65
  • Stability: 60
  • Defense: 49
  • Air to Air: 76
  • Air to Ground: 40



  • OS: Air superiority gray
  • RZ: Black body with red vertical stabilizer trim
  • YK: Gray splitter camouflage



  • As of 2004, the F-16E Block60 was not yet designated such by General Dynamics. Thus, Project Aces gave it the speculative name of F-16C Block60.


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