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The F-22C Raptor II (F-22C ラプターⅡ) is an upgraded variant of the F-22A Raptor manufactured by General Resource Limited. It features a Connection For Flight Interface and improved stability over its predecessor. General Resource Defense Force pilots commonly fly the F-22C, including ace pilot Abyssal Dision.


Like most General Resource aircraft, the F-22C is very similar to the F-22A. Its glass canopy is removed and the aircraft is entirely enclosed to support the COFFIN interface. General Resource also reinstalled the airbrakes featured on the YF-22 Lightning II that were removed from the F-22A to lower its production costs. This move increased the F-22C's stability.[1]

Abyssal Dision flew a special F-22C Raptor-D.[citation needed] This version of the aircraft featured a special black livery similar to his F-15S/MT Eagle+.

The F-22C's specifications are as follows:[1]

  • Width: 13.56m
  • Length: 18.92m
  • Height: 5.05m
  • Weight: 27,200 kg
  • Max Speed:
    • Japan: 2,856 km/h
    • Export: 3,681 km/h


General Resource developed the F-22C some time prior to the Intercorporate War. Abyssal Dision first used the aircraft in the war during GRDF's air raid against Neucom Incorporated's air base in the Waiapolo Mountains.[2][3] Dision used it from this point until General Resource's attack on Petrol Coast,[4] after which he flew the UI-4054 Aurora.

After some time other GRDF units began to use the F-22C, seeing use along the F/A-32C Erne.[citation needed] GRDF units began to replace the F-22C with the XFA-36A Game in the later stages of the war.[citation needed]

Game Analysis

Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere

"The F-22 was developed as a high performance fighter, able to cruise supersonically without afterburner but also dogfight in close combat with the highest level of maneuverability. The A model F-22 lacked a dedicated airbrake to keep down costs, but in order to further increase maneuverability when dogfighting, it was re-equipped on the C model."
Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere - Namco Official Guide Book
"The F-22, which was developed as a next-generation fighter to replace the F-15, improved stealth performance by utilizing a diamond cross-section, and it could achieve supercruise (supersonic flight) without afterburners. Thus, the F-22 demonstrated excellent performance as both a stealth aircraft and an air superiority fighter. The F-22C aimed at further improving air combat capability by reinstalling airbrakes that were removed from the F-22 to reduce costs for mass production. As a result, this aircraft features the highest stability of all currently-deployed fighter planes."
Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere - Mission & World View Guide Book[1]

How to Unlock

Japan: The F-22C is available to the player in the following missions:
Export: The F-22C is available for use immediately following mission 17, One-Way Ticket.


  • Power: 8
  • Attack: 8
  • Stability: 15
  • Mobility: 8
  • Armor: 8




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