"PAC-MAN" is a downloadable paint scheme for Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, released on December 14, 2011.[1]


It is the fourth color of the F-35B Lightning II, and the first downloadable scheme for the aircraft. As implied, it is based on Pac-man, Namco's most famous character. The paint scheme combines bright orange and yellow colors; the series' main characters are featured in the left wing, while the right wing displays the message "Pac is back!".

Compared to the original, the counter maneuver of the F-35B "PAC-MAN" is made easier to do against the enemy aircraft by increasing the decelerating power. On the other hand, the distance of the enemy aircraft initiating DFM is made longer than other aircrafts.



  • The number "256" is displayed on the side areas beneath the cockpit. This is most likely a reference to the original arcade game's 256th stage, which is glitched to the point of rendering further play impossible.


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