The F-35 <LUIGI> is an aircraft exclusively featured in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy +.[1] Its livery features Luigi from the Mario series of video games.

Compared to the standard F-35, the <LUIGI> features a massive increase in speed, balanced with a decrease in mobility and stability. Additionally, all of the aircraft's missiles feature green missile smoke.

If the player syncs any Luigi amiibo with the game, they will receive an exclusive skin for the F-35 <LUIGI> as well as the special Cockpit part "SP Part 2", which increases the missile range and aligns the gun reticle with enemy targets.

Game Analysis[]

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy +[]

"Luigi themed F-35."

How to Unlock

The player can unlock this aircraft in-game by destroying Question Block 03 in One Night Stand.
The player can also sync any Luigi amiibo to their 3DS to immediately unlock the aircraft,[2] as well as a special part and an alternate skin.


F-35 Luigi Statistics



  • C01: Super Mario overalls-inspired livery
  • C02: Super Star and 1-Up Mushroom livery with Luigi on the left wing; only available by scanning a Luigi amiibo



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