The F-4E <PIKMIN & OLIMAR> is an aircraft exclusively featured in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy +. Its livery features Captain Olimar and the three main Pikmin species from the Pikmin series of video games.

Compared to the standard F-4E, the <PIKMIN & OLIMAR> features heavily increased ammo, especially in special weapons, referencing the many Pikmin encountered in the Pikmin games.[1] It also features a slight increase in speed and mobility with a slight decrease in stability. The aircraft also has a unique missile smoke feature: each missile fired from the <PIKMIN & OLIMAR> will cycle through red, blue, yellow, and purple missile smoke, referencing the three main Pikmin species and the Mushroom Pikmin.

When unlocked, the aircraft comes with the special Cockpit part "SP Part 9" which improves the plane's lock-on range and further increases the special ammo count.

Game Analysis[]

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy +[]

"Pikmin and Olimar themed F-4E."

How to Unlock

Unlocking this aircraft requires syncing the Olimar amiibo to the player's 3DS.


F-4E Pikmin & Olimar Statistics



  • C01: Pikmin livery



  • The <PIKMIN & OLIMAR> and the PAK FA <PAC-MAN> are the only aircraft in the Ace Combat series to feature multiple missile smoke colors.
  • Despite other Nintendo-themed aircraft being unlocked by alternate variants or characters of their amiibos, only the Olimar amiibo will unlock the F-4E <PIKMIN & OLIMAR>. The Pikmin amiibo series, for example, will not unlock this aircraft.