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The F6F-5 Hellcat is a piston-powered fighter aircraft. A unique aircraft due to its antique nature, the F6F-5 cannot reach high speeds or equip missiles. However, it is highly agile and stable, allowing it to make tight maneuvers and excel in air-to-air combat.

The F6F-5's only appearances are on the latest handheld Ace Combat games, alongside the A6M5 Type Zero Carrier Fighter.

Game Analysis

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy

"This propeller fighter's design incorporates substantial armor while maintaining impressive mobility."

How To Unlock

Earn a specific rank. Costs 100,000 credits.


F6F-5 stats


  • UGB x8 (x10 w/ Extra Hardpoints)
  • GPD x12 (x16 w/ Extra Hardpoints, costs 15,000 credits)
  • FAEB x8 (x10 w/ Extra Hardpoints, costs 24,000 credits)


  • C01: Navy blue
  • C02: Silver camouflage with tail and wing stripes
  • C03: Solid white
  • C04: White camouflage with tail and wing stripes
  • C05: Orange (customizable)
  • C06: Red camouflage with tail and wing stripes (customizable)


Ace Combat: Joint Assault

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F6F-5 Hellcat Model

How To Unlock

Complete Steel Axe in a second campaign playthrough with a Clear Rank of A or higher. Costs $9,900.


Special Weapons


  • C01: Conventional two tone used by the U.S. Navy - navy blue on top, gray on bottom.
  • C02: Gray camouflage with invasion stripes. Modeled after some of the Hellcats flown by the Fleet Air Arm.
  • C03: Black with shark mouth. Modeled after the Hellcats flown by the VF-27 squadron.
  • C04: Two tone - ocean blue on top, white on bottom.
  • C05: Dark gray fuselage with yellow wings and red stripes
  • C06: Solid silver



  • Since the F6F-5 hasn't been added to Ace Combat Infinity, it has never been properly classified as a Piston Fighter.
  • In real life, the Hellcat would be barely able to damage modern aircraft with its machine guns' 0.50 inch M2 Browning cartridge. However, for balance reasons, they are perfectly able to damage enemy aircraft.
  • In Ace Combat: Joint Assault and Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy, since all aircraft guns deal the same or similar damage with the same rate of fire on every gun, the F6F-5 and A6M5 can actually deal more damage per second since the two aircraft have six and four guns installed on the respective aircraft.


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