"All Leasath fighters! Leave this one to me!"
Chimera 1 engaging Falco One[1]

Falco One is a member of the Aurelian Air Force and the flight lead of Falco Squadron. He and his squadron saw action in the early and closing days of the Aurelian War.

Falco One is the player's character in Ace Combat Xi: Skies of Incursion and previously appeared as a non-playable character in Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception.


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Aurelian War

Before the start of the war, Falco One's team was stationed at Phuku Lagolla AFB, an air base located southwest of Aurelia's capital, Griswall.

Once the Leasath's invasion began, Falco One and his squadron were deployed to defend their territory from enemy attacks. He participated in several operations targeting Leasath's strike force across northern Aurelia.

In one particular operation, Falco One was assigned to help an Aurelian fleet retreat from enemy territory. The mission ended catastrophically, as the fleet was ambushed by the heavy command cruiser Gandr, which destroyed the entire fleet using an SWBM. The airship was later shot down by Falco Squadron and the surviving pilots.

In the ending days of the war, Falco One returned to the front lines with his team. Together, they assisted the famed Gryphus Squadron in an ambush mission in the Danern Straits of Leasath's territory.

In other games

In Ace Combat: Joint Assault, Falco Squadron's emblem becomes available after all non-fictional aircraft are unlocked.

In Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, the "Falco" callsign is unlocked after getting the Ace Striker bonus.

In Ace Combat Infinity, his personal emblem was available as a reward for the top 5000 players in the "Nemesis is here!" Online Co-Op Missions Ranking Tournament.



  • "Falco" means "Hawk" in Italian.
  • Falco One is the only playable character in the Ace Combat series to have children.
    • He does not speak in Skies of Incursion, but can be heard speaking in Skies of Deception.
  • His nickname, the Southern Cross, is also shared by Gryphus One.


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