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The Experimental Flight Technology Evaluation Squadron "Falco"[1][2] is an Aurelian Air Force team deployed during the Leasath-Aurelia War. Unlike most AAF teams, Falco Squadron aircrafts are mostly comprised of COFFIN-employing prototype craft, such as the XR-45 Cariburn & the XFA-24A Apalis, although there are still standard battle craft present, such as the F-22A Raptor.


Aurelian War

Before and after the outbreak of the war, Falco Squadron was stationed at Phuku Lagolla Air Base, an air base located southwest of the capital of Griswall, where they served as a test squadron for experimental flight technology. When the Leasathian forces invaded Aurelia, Falco Team was one of the many squadrons deployed to defend their territory, most of which had already surrendered to the enemy. During the early days of the war, Falco Squadron fought in several operations targeting Leasath attack forces, most of which were successful. Days after the engagement at Phuku Lagolla, Falco Squadron participated in a mission in the Aurelian coastline, assisting in the escort of a friendly fleet through Leasathian territory. Once the fleet was nearly out of the combat zone, the fleet was completely annihilated by a surprise attack from the Gandr, a heavy command cruiser built by Leasath. A fierce fight broke out between the Gandr and the Aurelian survivors, but at the end the pilots prevailed, and the airborne fortress crashed into the Aurelian sea.[3]

In the later days of the war, once Leasath was on its last legs, Falco Squadron returned to the frontline, assisting Gryphus Squadron in an ambush mission in the Danern Straits. Nothing is known about Falco Squadron after the Danern mission.[4]


  • Falco Squadron's name is derived from "Falco", following the naming convention of Aurelian Squadrons being named after genuses of birds.
  • Callsign "Falco" is unlockable in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, it is unlocked by getting the Ace Striker bonus.
  • "Falco" in Italian means "Hawk".