"Farbanti's royal palace, its rose-filled gardens, and the streets that had stood there for centuries were all lost when the star fell."
― Unknown[3]

Farbanti[a] is the capital of the Kingdom of Erusea. It is located on the western seaboard of the Usean continent and is home to the Erusean military's General Headquarters.[2][1]

Farbanti was one of the many metropolitan areas affected by the Ulysses Impact Event in 1999.[4] As Erusea's capital, the city was captured repeatedly by opposing forces: the Independent State Allied Forces (ISAF) during the Continental War[2] and the Osean Federation during the Lighthouse War.[1]

Notable areas within the city include Johnson Memorial Bridge, the flooded municipal district,[2] Farbanti Reconstruction Park,[1] Memorial Peace Park,[5] and the Silver Bridge.[2][1]


The name Farbanti could be inspired by Fárbauti, a Jötunn god and the father of Loki in Norse mythology. The name translates from Old Norse to "cruel striker", a name befitting the Ulysses meteorite that struck the city.


Farbanti is divided into three districts by the river that traverses it. The municipal district is located southwest of the river; the government district, situated around landfills, is south of the river; and residential areas are to the north and east. The landscape north of the river is slightly elevated above sea level and gradually flattens as it approaches the coastline. Farbanti's most notable topographical feature, the Ulysses impact crater, is visible beneath the ocean surface where part of the city's municipal district once stood.[2]

Two through arch bridges connect the city's northern and southern districts: the north-south Johnson Memorial Bridge and the east-west Silver Bridge. Johnson Memorial Bridge was destroyed during the Continental War[2] and a new bridge was built in its place.[1] Silver Bridge remained intact through the years.[2][1]


Ulysses planetfall and aftermath

The impact crater in Farbanti's municipal district

Information about Farbanti pre-Ulysses is scarce. It was present on antiquated world maps[6] and its architecture was described as standing for centuries, indicating it was a large city for many years.[3]

When the Ulysses 1994XF04 asteroid made planetfall, ten fragments landed in Erusea, one of which struck Farbanti. The impact sank and flooded the municipal district[4] and tens of thousands of civilians were killed.[7] Despite the damage, Erusea chose to keep Farbanti as its capital city.[4]

Continental War

Farbanti remained untouched for almost the entirety of the Continental War as a result of Erusea successfully pushing the ISAF's military eastward. Even after the ISAF made landfall in southeast Usea[8] and began recapturing territory,[9] Erusea's westernmost position on the continent ensured that the ISAF would not get within striking distance of Farbanti without significant gains. After the ISAF liberated San Salvacion in July 2005,[10] Erusea's forces set up a line of defense in the Whiskey Corridor between the Lambert and Amber mountain ranges. This acted as Erusea's final attempt to prevent the ISAF from reaching Farbanti. The ISAF's lengthy Operation Sandstorm crumbled the defensive line and opened a path to the capital.[11]

The ISAF laid siege to Farbanti on September 19, 2005 with the name Operation Autumn Thunder. The ISAF's combat power included multiple tanks and APCs, various warships, and a large formation of fighter aircraft including ISAF's top ace, Mobius 1. Farbanti's defenses included tank battalions, anti-air weaponry, numerous fighter aircraft, and several of Erusea's own warships. Erusea's naval power included submarines situated in the flooded district. An additional tank force north of the city attempted to reinforce Erusea's GHQ but the ISAF instructed Mobius 1 to destroy Johnson Memorial Bridge to cut off their route.[2]

As the battle tipped in the ISAF's favor, many high-ranking Erusean military officers—including the Supreme Commander—attempted to escape Farbanti using V-22s. Four of the helicopters were shot down and destroyed by the ISAF's pilots; the fifth, carrying the Supreme Commander, never took off and he died in an unknown circumstance. Within minutes, after securing the surrounding areas, the ISAF's ground units infiltrated and captured Erusea's GHQ. The Federal Erusea Air Force's elite Yellow Squadron scrambled in a last-ditch effort to shoot down Mobius 1 and regain air superiority over the capital. Mobius 1 shot down all five pilots including the unit's leader, Yellow 13. Immediately afterward, the ISAF's ground troops broadcasted orders for the immediate surrender of all remaining Erusean troops, officially ending the war.[2]

Lighthouse War

At the start of the Lighthouse War, in retaliation for Erusea's drone attacks, the Osean Maritime Defense Force attacked Farbanti with the Kestrel II in May 2019. During the battle, the carrier's aircraft shot down some of Erusea's fighters which crashed into Farbanti's residential areas.[12] Erusea's Princess Rosa Cossette D'Elise blamed Osea for the loss of civilian life.[13] The Kestrel II launched another attack two weeks later as part of Operation Dual Wielder. This time, Erusean aircraft managed to sink the Kestrel II, forcing Osea to cease operations in western Usea for some time.[14]

After determining the functionality of Erusea's UAV auto-intercept system, the Long Range Strategic Strike Group (LRSSG) formed a plan that would cut through northern Usea to eventually capture Farbanti while striking important targets along the way. This included sinking Erusea's Njord Fleet,[15] which Erusean soldiers were hoping would reinforce Farbanti's defenses.[1] The LRSSG later captured Cape Rainy to use as a frontline base for the Farbanti operation.[16]

Osea laid siege to Farbanti on September 19, 2019 with the name Operation Giant's Step, fourteen years to the date after ISAF did the same. Osea's ground forces approached Farbanti from the north and the southeast to battle Erusean forces near Farbanti Reconstruction Park and the Silver Bridge, respectively. At the same time, Osea's naval forces approached from the submerged municipal district in the southwest, combating Erusea's fleet defending the naval route and the ruins themselves. The LRSSG's Strider Squadron and Cyclops Squadron flew to support each area as needed, slowly pushing Erusea towards the GHQ. As Osean forces surrounded the government district, Erusea activated an Aegis Ashore missile defense system, but it could not prevent the Osean advance entirely.[1]

As the battle neared its end, the Erusean Air Force's Sol Squadron arrived from its main testing facility to defend the capital. Its leader, Mihaly A. Shilage, managed to sink at least two Osean ships and shoot down a member of Cyclops Squadron, Fencer. The leader of Cyclops Squadron, Wiseman, baited Mihaly into chasing him near the flooded district to give Trigger an opening against Mihaly. Mihaly shot down Wiseman and entered into a dogfight with Trigger, which ended abruptly when Usea's - and the world's altogether - satellite network collapsed. Mihaly ordered Sol Squadron to retreat, allowing Osea to take control of Farbanti.[1] Osean forces later confirmed the deaths of several Erusean leaders,[1] including Princess Cossette's father, the King of Erusea.[17]


Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies


  • Farbanti combines many features from real-life cities:
    • Farbanti's architecture is reminiscent of Washington, D.C.: Erusea's GHQ resembles The Pentagon; and several obelisks throughout the city, especially in Farbanti Reconstruction Park, are similar to the Washington Monument.
    • The large artificial islands along Farbanti's coastline appear similar to those seen in Tokyo, especially the latter's depiction in Ace Combat Infinity.
    • Farbanti's rebuilt municipal district features buildings modeled after Toronto's Financial District. The downtown area is similar in layout to Toronto's with an elevated urban expressway running along the shore, a large financial district in the middle, and port facilities on either side.
    • Farbanti's main port district appears similar to Los Angeles, including the iconic Vincent Thomas and Gerald Desmond bridges.


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  1. Farbanti's coordinates in Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies were 42.0°N, 102.5°E[2] before the modern Strangereal map was developed for Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War.