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"Remember, the Red Scorpion is mine."
― Faryd Gaviria

Faryd Gaviria is the third pilot of the Martinez Security renegade Rigel Squadron. Like his wingmates, he deserted to the terrorist group Valahia, following his flight leader, Milosz Sulejmani. He and the rest of Varcolac Squadron fought Antares Squadron on several occasions throughout the Valahian Crisis. His final confrontation with Antares occurred in the skies above the San Franciso Bay as a part the Golden Axe Plan's Private Army. Despite being equipped with the extremely advanced GAF-1 Varcolac, he and his wingmates were shot down by Antares and subsequently killed.


  • He and Daniel Oruma seemed to be friends, this is because whenever you confront Varcolac Squadron, he and Oruma tend to fly together, and also when you shoot down Oruma, Faryd will shout out his name.
  • Based on the aircraft he flies, Faryd seems to specialize in an intercepting role (shooting down large aircraft).