The Federation of Central Usea[1], frequently known as FCU, was a country of Usea.


A major power in the Usean continent and member of a continental economic alliance, the FCU maintained hostile relations with Erusea in the 1990s. It played a fundamental role in the discovery of the 1994XF04 Ulysses asteroid in late 1994, requesting aid from the International Astronomical Union to calculate the trajectory of the asteroid, which was determined to be in a collision course with Earth.[2]

In 1995, the Skully Islands, a territory under FCU jurisdiction, were taken over by an anti-government terrorist group in a coup d'etat, leading Commander Robert Taylor to assume control of the Southern District of the country's armed forces to counter the uprising. The rebels were crushed after the intervention of Unified Command and the mercenary Scarface Squadron.[3][4]

Following internal discussions with the country's Aerospace Society, the news of the approaching Ulysses were publicly revealed by President Robert Sinclair in an extraordinary conference in April 20 of 1996. The Secretary of State, Commander Richard Payne, responded by ordering the return of all forces operating overseas, including those involved in an ongoing stand-off between the Federation and Erusea in the southern Amber-Ugellas border. The order left the local International United Nations' activities in a precarious situation, causing it to retire its personnel from the area shortly thereafter.[2][4]

The FCU later devised an internal project to defend the planet from Ulysses, the Stonehenge Turret Network, that was built in the neutral country of San Salvacion. After Ulysses' impact in 1999, the problematic refugee situation caused Erusea to besiege and capture Stonehenge, leading to an exchange of threats between it and Sinclair. The situation led him to declare the disintegration of the economic alliance and the formation of the Independent States Allied Forces, triggering the Second Continental War.[2]


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