Fernando Perez was a Belkan Air Force pilot from Sapin.[1]


Perez, having graduated from Sapin University with honors, chose to fight in the front lines, moving to Belka in 1990 after being allowed to work at the Weapons Development Lab, he joined the Belkan Air Force four years later, becoming part of Anton Kupchenko's Gault Team.[2]

Fighting in the beginning of the Belkan War in 1995, he and the rest of the squadron soon disappeared without a trace.

Six months after the war ended, the team resurfaced, being part of the terrorist organization A World With No Boundaries. On December 31, 1995, as the Allied Forces commenced a preemptive strike on preventing the organization's V2 weapon launch at Avalon Dam, Gault Team intercepted the Allied Forces' Galm Team over Area B7R, where Perez was shot down and killed.[3]


  • Given that he was accepted to work at the Weapons Development Lab and later becoming part of Gault Team, it can be assumed that Perez took part in the V2's development, Project Pendragon.


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