Fighter's Honor is the final campaign mission in Ace Combat 2. The player will only play this mission if they successfully destroyed the cruise missile ("SLBM") in the prior mission, Last Resort.


This is an unexpected matter. As soon as we had confirmed the destruction of the enemy's headquarters, we identified the existence of a secondary headquarters fortress. This fortress seems to be the enemy's last defense. Attack the enemy's headquarters and wipe out the coup d'etat! Target: The enemy's headquarters fortress. This is the chance we've been waiting for! Go out there and give 'em hell! We're all praying for your safe return!



Usean rebel tanks deployed near power plants supplying Fortress Intolerance. The underground SAM can be noticed at lower right corner.

The player will start off to the south of Fortress Intolerance and approach the facility. Large amounts of F-15S will be swarming the air, but none are mission-important. The player must first destroy four power plants giving energy to the fortress. These are grouped together by two's and protected by one underground SAM for each group, so the player must exercise caution when engaging them. On Hard difficulty, power plants becomes a non-target. Instead, the player must destroy three tanks guarding each plant. SAMs still remains, but not targetable and thus, indestructible.

After destroying the power plants, the player will then move on to the fortress itself. There are four weak spots on the fortress that must be destroyed to open access in the central tunnel. These areas are protected by SAMs and AA guns that cannot be locked onto. Fighters, including another Z.O.E. aircraft, will be attacking the player (and their escort, if they brought one) relentlessly.

Mission Update

Once the player destroys all four weak spots, the central tunnel will open up and the radar will indicate a path of entry for the player, who must fly inside of this tunnel. At the end of the tunnel lies another large missile, which is the final target and must be destroyed.

The game's "bonus ending" will begin playing immediately following the missile's destruction.


  • The Z.O.E. aircraft that appears in this mission, assuming that the player has already destroyed all other Z.O.E. units in their respective missions, is the "Commander" ADF-01 FALKEN. Unique to the Commander unit is the ability to fire both cannon rounds and missiles backwards, so even if the player gets behind the Commander, they can still be damaged or shot down. The Z.O.E. Commander also performs advanced maneuvers such as Pugachev's Cobra to shake off the player, and features a more durable armor requiring three missile hits before being able to be shot down.