"This mission decides it all, Phoenix. We're counting on you."
Ulrich Olsen

Fighter's Honor is the final campaign mission in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy. Scarface Squadron must destroy an ICBM within Fortress Intolerance before the Usean Rebel Forces launch it towards Yuktobania and trigger an international conflict.


Ulrich Olsen: Here's your mission briefing. We're assuming a worst-case scenario. After escaping the capture of Saint Ark, the remaining Rebel leaders have retreated to Fortress Intolerance in the north, which was believed to have been abandoned. Fortress Intolerance is a massive launch facility for intercontinental ballistic missiles, constructed in North Point, a military nation in the north. The officials have taken occupancy of the fortress and are starting a launch program of the ballistic missiles. Their target--The massive country of the Union of Yuktobania that lies to the east, across the ocean. With nowhere left to run, they plan on attacking another country and starting an international war. They'd be able to slip away unnoticed during the chaos. We have to stop them at all costs. Scarface Squadron will attack Fortress Intolerance, and destroy the base along with the ballistic missiles inside. The fortress' anti-aircraft weaponry will be stronger than anything the Rebels have had before, so it won't be easy getting close. First, destroy the power generators in the area to lower the fortress' defense capabilities. This is one battle that we cannot lose. Ready, Scarface Squadron? This is our final fight!



As the player approaches Fortress Intolerance, they are intercepted by the final of the mysterious Zone of Endless aircraft: a powerful ADF-01 FALKEN. It retains the previous unit's ability to jam the player's HUD with fake targeting boxes, and also features backwards fire.

After the player damages it enough, the ADF-01 will lose its jamming and backwards fire abilities, reducing it to a standard enemy aircraft. The player must destroy the ADF-01 to proceed.

Mission Update[]

Two sets of power facilities will show up on radar, and the player must first destroy all of them while evading enemy bandits and SAMs. Upon their destruction, the player must then fly to Fortress Intolerance itself and cause damage to certain parts of the structure. The weak points will be labeled and can be locked onto. There will also be many more enemy bandits and anti-air fire.

Once all of the fortress's weak points are destroyed, the central tunnel will open. The player must enter this tunnel, navigate through it, and destroy the ICBM at the end. The screen will then fade out and a cutscene will play to complete the mission.

S Rank[]

Earning an S Rank on this mission requires completing it in 3 minutes, 30 seconds or less. The player must destroy all targets as fast as possible without focusing on any optional targets. The ADF-01 FALKEN's Tactical Laser System will make quick work of the ZOE aircraft and the power plants.


The debriefing is only shown when the mission is completed during Free Mission mode. During Campaign mode, the mission skips the debriefing and starts playing the game's end credits instead.

Olsen: Fortress Intolerance has been destroyed. And the Rebel officers have been detained. The rebellion, or Usean Continental War, as some would call it, has finally come to a close. But the turmoil left in the countries and its people runs deep. Plans for unification and instating the Allied Forces in USEA have taken a heavy blow, and will need to start over again from scratch. The dismantled countries will no doubt pursue a movement towards military expansions in an effort to compensate for their weakened military forces. Battle will leave the continent, and for a time, we will achieve something akin to peace. But that's just a temporary peace backed by tensions due to the military expansion. You could almost call it "armed peace." Eventually, another time of war and strife will emerge, brought on by the still-burning coals left in USEA. When that time comes, we may need to call upon your help again, Phoenix. You'll arise from the ashes of war again like a phoenix and guide us to peace. Thank you, Phoenix. We owe all of this to you.


  • Olsen calling the rebellion the "Usean Continental War" is an error. At the time of Assault Horizon Legacy's release, the term "Usean Continental War" only referred to the conflict featured in Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies. The term originated from the Arkbird Declaration: Summit 2008 World News article.
    • In the Japanese release of Ace Combat 3D: Cross Rumble, the Japanese term used in the debriefing is best translated as "Usean Continental Conflict".